The Elf Toy of the Month by Whimsmoore Helps Connect Grandparents and Grandchildren

"Imagine Receiving the Elf Toy of the Month" video shows the joy two young grandchildren experience in receiving the Elf Toy of the Month Gift Package from Grandma and the elves. Viewers can see the connection between grandparents and grandchildren in this unique kids' gift offer.

Vancouver, WA, November 29, 2010 --( Madeline and Noah love getting the mail. Their grandmother decides to enlist the help of the Glimmer Glen Elves™ to send her grandchildren a toy and book gift package each month. "Imagine Receiving the Elf Toy of the Month" is a newly released video by Whimsmoore that records the children’s delight in experiencing the fun and magic of the Elf Toy of the Month.

“The Elf Toy of the Month is a unique gift package that helps families stay connected across the miles,” says Linda Moore Kurth, aka “Aunt Linda,” who originally came up with the idea for her young niece who lived far away. “This video shows how excited kids are when they receive these Gift Packages. I did the video taping, and these kids’ reactions are truly genuine.”

“I wanted the gift to be personal for each child, so you’ll see Madeline reading a personalized gift card from one of the seven Glimmer Glen Elves. It includes Madeline and Noah’s names as well as their grandma’s name,” Ms. Kurth explains.

At the same time the elves sent off their package to her grandchildren, Grandma received an email giving her tips on ways to talk about the gift and offering inside information on what’s going on with the elves in Glimmer Glen. “This unique feature helps the gift giver share in the experience,” notes Ms. Kurth.

Each month’s kids’ toy and companion Elfery Storybook™ reflects the season. Madeline and Noah’s package arrives at the beginning of May and includes a May Basket Kit. The illustrated Storybook describes the elves celebrating May Day and making their own May baskets.

Because this is the children’s first package from the elves, they also find an Elfery Letters Scroll™ and Elfery Stories Book Box™ inside. The scroll contains introductory letters from the main characters in the Storybooks. Madeline sees that the box is the perfect place to keep her little Storybook. She and Noah call Grandma to thank her, and to share in the excitement of receiving her gift.

“Grandparents and others wanting to stay connected with the young children in their lives in fun and imaginative ways tell me the Elf Toy of the Month is a wonderful solution,” says Ms. Kurth.

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