Dachser Global Markets Gets Bigger Research Department Capabilities Under New Leader

In lieu of the major transition of Dachser Global Markets, it recently announced its research department expansion with a newly installed Managing Director, Friedrich Flick, a skillful and renowned hedge fund investment professional with wide ranging and decades of trading experience in the industry.

Vienna, Austria, November 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Flick joined the Dachser Global Markets as the new Managing Director for Research and Resources Department. He is given the full responsibility to supervise the evaluation of investment strategy used by the clients in undertaking their trades. He is also assigned in reviewing products for the firm’s platform of alternative investments.

Basically focused on alternative investment, Dachser Global Markets believes that the new Managing Director for Research and Resources Department could further enhance the capabilities of the firm in providing services related to alternative investments. With extensive experience both in public and private investment firms, Flick complements the trading knowledge that every budding trader or even the most experience one can employ in their endeavor for better trading.

“Since the beginning, our firm has been maintaining a world class research team as part of our unparalleled services to our clients. Under a new leadership of Flick, we extremely believe that every trading goal will be accomplished smoothly, especially in providing quality alternative investments to wealth managers as well as to high net worth traders and investors,” said Mr. Jorg Schaeffler, CEO and President of Dachser Global Markets.

Flick has been known for his decades of considerably significant experience as well as expertise in alternative investment industry, especially in the field of identification, selection and supervision of hedge fund managers for multiple disciplines of investments. Flick was a former Manager for an asset allocation and research of hedge fund multi-managed products. It was from this previous position that he full developed his career in alternative investment.

In his acceptance of responsibility speech, Flick stressed out that he has been knowledgeable of the uniqueness of the firm, especially on the area of its open-architecture platforms of alternative investments which have been used by most of the trading investors for more than a decade.

“I joined this firm for a simple reason that I was extremely challenge of the opportunity that could possibly gain and enhance my knowledge in alternative investment industry because of the fact that this firm is entirely supported by the most innovative and sophisticated tools needed in expanding more of the research and resources department,” said Flick.

For almost two decades, the Dachser Global Markets has been providing global access to trading alternative investment platforms which are sensitively designed to meet and even exceed the trading expectations of the wealth managers and highly developed investors. The Dachser Global Markets has an especially created team of professionals who is given the task of selecting, negotiating and investigating the competence of selected hedge funds, managed futures funds and other alternative investment funds. The Dachser Global Markets is established with an ultimate goal: helping its clients in successfully diversifying and enhancing their assets and financial investments by giving them the opportunity to have a full access to the trading and investment tools which are fitted and vital in high quality alternative investments.

The Dachser Global Markets is a full service commodity brokerage firms which also offers online trading and other trading account plans. Recently, it also becomes an introducing brokerage firm with business model concentrated on providing and delivering services to the trading world with utmost integrity.

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