Al-Qaida & South American Drug Cartel in Northern California? “Diamond Saloon” is a Must Read.

Robert Cogburn writing under pen-name Robert Conners has written an international thriller entitled “Diamond Saloon.” Terrorists in Northern California…citizens beware.

San Francisco, CA, January 25, 2007 --( The fiction/suspense novel involves al-Qaida, drug cartels, and an American terror organization, Dept of Homeland Security, along with government intelligence agencies around the world. A calculated terrorist plot to attack Northern California and the Pacific Northwest terrorizes citizens of the American West Coast. The author portrays an entirely believable scenario of an all-too-possible chain of events that depict modern terrorism in all its ugly manifestations.

Al-Qaida terrorists make their way to the United States and rendezvous with the American terror group, “The Silent Brotherhood.” Deceit and subterfuge abound when a South American Drug Cartel is inadvertently involved in an international web of intrigue as the terrorist plot unfolds. The ultimate target is Northern California’s massive Shasta Dam.

The Department of Homeland Security and intelligence agencies around the world work frantically to uncover and decipher al-Qaida’s most ambitious plot to date. High-intensity emotional experiences define the quest for the truth in this maze of criminal and international subterfuge and intrigue... 

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Robert Cogburn & Cheryl Madrid/Agent
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