The Heroine and Hero Die, Yet this Action-romance Futuristic Story has a Happy Ending

In a few centuries, man’s continuing quest for ever-more prosperity, longevity, and conquest of territory culminates in a drastic scientific breakthrough. It’s something terrifying. And it’s terrible. Yet nothing else will do it all. The governments quietly promote it. But to be widely accepted, first it has to overcome many hurdles. This is a Prospective Fiction story of some of these showdowns that occur at the dawn of the 26th century on Mars...

Denver, CO, January 25, 2007 --( While taking advanced graduate courses in Theoretical Physics, Dr. James Bhumi came to the cool-headed conclusion that the problem with most novels that are set in the future is that they contain time-setting unrealities (such as time traveling anytime soon). How then to create a story that is thrilling yet realistic? To solve this dilemma, Jim has created what he terms prospective fiction—future fiction without time-setting distortions. The result is June 2508, a novel that takes place at the end of the DNA Age (the Age that succeeded the Computer Age), when the Second Settlers on Mars have finally solved the technology-caused wealth crisis, but some other crises are simmering. In accounting for this scenario, Jim relies on a continuation of the relentless basic human drives of seeking ever-greater prosperity, longevity, and the conquest of territory. 

James Bhumi, a first-time novelist, brings his wit and scientific knowledge to bear in June 2508, an action-romance story that centers around the lead character of Raemon Teeler, a young man who has arrived on Mars to size up the simmering other crises, only to end up battling love, religion, icebergs, and aliens. The story also exposes the underlying, subtle aspects of human intelligence, longevity, toolboxes, sex toys, technology, wars and many more riddles, steadily entertaining the reader with a veritable cornucopia of such “brain candies.” 

“Mars Spaceport #2, located on the moon Phobos, was normally not a busy place. Most of the time, it peacefully handled its occasional small amounts of local traffic. On one day in June 2508, however, it was humming with activity and excitement. The huge space liner, Phobos-D9, had just arrived from Earth, carrying crude organics, nuclear fuels, electronic devices, construction metals, valets, thirty-six passengers, and deep-freeze chambers containing fifty-one Aatma tablets and countless vials of plant DNA. Most precious of all—and, between you and me, the real reason for all the excitement—was its vast cargo of trendy and expensive gadgets from Earth.” 

“The novel is good for a lot of laughs,” Jim says, eyes twinkling. “But laugh attentively, otherwise you’ll overlook the clues and become baffled by the mystery underlying the story.” It’s classic, timeless humor, Jim says, and the mystery was placed into the novel purposefully, so that readers will be able to experience the novel. But will readers accept the tragic deaths of both the hero and the heroine? “Oh, sure,” Jim pontificates smugly. “If you keep up with the clues, you’ll be comfortable with the ending.”

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