A Successful Insurgence in America? New Book Shows It’s Possible

Chicago, IL, January 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In Beyond the Failure Club, author James I. McGovern offers a compelling vision of the ultimate reaction to politics and government that have failed society.  The insurgence here is not in some small or backward region of the world, but within greater North America, the United States and Canada.

The chance of systematic domestic terrorism, its motivation, and its plausible means to success are at the core of this novel. Various resentments within society, old and new, have the potential to unite a range of people against an emerging common foe: corporate power.

While the leaders in this novel begin humbly, adding operatives from a “Failure Club” that advertises on the Internet, they soon attract secret financial support and absorb other insurgent groups. Considering themselves militant progressives, the “Talons for Earth Freedom” engage in selective violence that draws a strong but diffuse response from government.

Throughout their rise and evolution, the “Talons” also lead innocuous lives among unwitting relatives and peers. Hence their invisibility, which keeps them beyond the reach of government investigators. Incumbent moral questions on the insurgence are processed in differing ways by the various characters.

James I. McGovern is the author of four earlier books, as well as numerous articles and short stories. A former resident of the Chicago area, he worked in diverse government agencies for 30 years. He currently lectures at the college level in addition to writing. 

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