Even in the Days of the Old West, it was Politics as Usual

Denver, CO, January 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- A Simpler Time, which is subtitled A Lie Accepted As Truth Is More Powerful than the Truth Can Ever Be, takes readers down a not-so-familiar historical road and into the politics of the 19th Century in this fact-filled novel about a lonely 40-year-old native New Englander, who is also a Secret Service agent.

The time is 1880; the place is the Arizona Territory; and Rudy Mueller has been sent to investigate murders that may have been committed to prevent discovery of a silver conspiracy. Rebuffed in his attempt to uncover new information regarding the crimes, Rudy stumbles across the possibility that Governor John Charles Fremont might have accepted a $100,000 bribe. It is then we learn that Rudy has an agenda of his own. He believes President James Knox Polk provoked war with Mexico in 1846, not to settle some “silly little border dispute down Texas way,” but to acquire California and all of its gold.

Since Fremont was very much involved with events in California before and during the Mexican War — but refuses to speak of them — Rudy believes that if he can prove the bribe, Jessie Fremont might be willing to tell him what she knows of those days in order to salvage her husband’s reputation. 

To continue his investigation unobtrusively, Rudy pretends to leave his government post and buys a saloon in the Bradshaw Mountain mining town of Poland. There he persuades Eva Little, one of the saloon’s fallen doves, to run the business for him so that he can pursue his mission. However, Eva has more to offer than appearances would indicate. After providing some vital information concerning the Fremonts, she insists on helping Rudy with his quest. Together they march into the unknown world of politics, firmly believing their cause is just and right will prevail.

The author shows us a mirror to the past that reflects today’s times — bribery, greedy politicians, and a misguided President who instigates an unnecessary war to secure the wealth of another nation. It is the “lie that has been accepted as the truth” for the truth has been covered with misleading information and distorted facts. 

Author David B. Donath has always enjoyed exploring the history of the American West. He brings to his writing a lifetime of experience in fields that range through military intelligence, sales, quality control, construction, newspapers, and even the coordination of services at a drug and alcohol clinic. Nowadays, he considers himself retired, but works part-time to support his golf habit. A Simpler Time has been in the works for many years, but the follow-up, Conspiracy, is well under way.

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