Ministry Manager, MaxPro, Releasing New Communications Module

Branson, MO, November 26, 2010 --( Ministry management product, MaxPro, will soon be releasing their new communication module, a tool for tracking communication.

While MaxPro caters to the specific needs of churches and parachurch ministries alike, this new communication feature will be especially beneficial for any organizations that value those that give to that organization.

“As a non-profit organization, we understand how important it is to stay in touch with our donors and appreciate them. That’s why we know this feature will serve as a benefit to other non-profit organizations and ministries,” said Kevin Wasemiller, 2:8 Association VP of Operations.

This new feature serves two main purposes: tracking and scheduling. First, clients will be able to track how many times they have communicated with their constituents and donors by viewing their communication history. For instance, users will now be able to see how many times someone has received a communication, what kind of communication they received (aka, phone call, email, thank you note, gift, etc.) and who sent it.

The second purpose of the communication manager is to schedule “touches” with donors. On top of tracking communication, clients will be able to schedule future communications as well. MaxPro now allows users to schedule that next phone call or visit or that gift that needs to be sent so that a current or potential donor doesn’t slip through the cracks. With this new feature, a week is laid out in front of users so they can see what specific communications need to take place next. This feature also provides the ability to filter communications by key contacts or by date range, as well.

Wasemiller also commented, “We have several clients that are anticipating the release of this new feature. They are excited to streamline all of their communications tracking to one place. That’s exactly what this offers.”

In a continuing effort to bless their clients, MaxPro adds this new communication module to the current list of features at no extra cost. All of the features MaxPro offers are included in the low price of $49 per month. Additional information is available by visiting

Kyle Unruh
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