For Any Company, People Are the Real Bottom Line

Outskirts Press is pleased to bring you In the Best Companies, People Are Everything by Lawrence Haines. This brilliant new book focuses on what seems to be a lost art in business: how to deal effectively with all the people in a company to ensure increasing growth and profit.

Mapleton, UT, January 27, 2007 --( Business is often finding itself in headlines today - leaders being discharged by dissatisfied directors – a few even being sent to jail. The pressure on executives is real and demanding Because Wall Street continues to place an emphasis on quarterly profits above all else, many business leaders are distracted from executing the most effective strategies for building their companies.

To produce a truly great company, Haines believes, a leader must have an understanding of the critical importance of each individual in the organization, from the mailroom to the boardroom. This one simple fact — that the People are Everything — is often overlooked by business leaders. An executive who truly appreciates his or her employees and knows how to bring out their best has what it takes to grow a corporation and produce solid, long-term profits. As Haines writes:

“Growth by merger or acquisition seems to be the paradigm for increased profits in today’s business world. Strangely, profits sometimes become worse than before the merger or acquisition. Many business leaders may be overlooking a more sure way to increased profits – learning how to effectively deal with the people to achieve more individual creativity and thus higher and better production. Is it really possible to improve profits by dealing more effectively with the people? You’d better believe it!”

Haines uses real-world examples on just how a business can effectively energize its employees toward real, measurable success. Proper attention to the handling of the people will produce greater results than over-applied attention to the finances, the facilities, marketing strategies, or even the product! After all, it is the people who do all the work, and the people who are the ones that make everything happen. Carefully applying the eight ideas in this book can begin a change for the better that will astonish everyone.

About the Author:
Lawrence Haines began his career as a mechanical engineer for a global manufacturing company where he designed computer-operated control valves and systems. He soon worked his way up the corporate ladder until he was working with operations around the world. Eager to test new ideas in the high-tech control field, he co-founded Valtek Incorporated, creating a successful international operation in a highly competitive field. Haines was responsible for designing the leadership structure that took Valtek from an unknown company to the global marketing arena in just a few short years, helping to earn numerous “company of the year” awards along the way. Haines is a recognized expert in helping companies around the world maximize their people’s performance. His ability to listen to and interpret the needs of business professionals has allowed him to understand what it takes to build people-energized, profitable businesses. Visit Haines on the Web at

In the Best Companies, People Are Everything by Lawrence Haines
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