AeroTech Turbines Installs VAWTs in Tianjin

Taipei, Taiwan, November 27, 2010 --( AeroTech Turbines Inc. has installed its latest wind turbines at selected sites in the industrial city of Tianjin. Chief Technical Officer Adrian Warner announced the company has installed turbines in the Tianjin Economic and Development Area (TEDA), one of China’s most important economic centers and a major site for foreign investment.

“Following the successful product trials earlier this year, the installation of our turbines in a major urban and industrial area is proof our products are ready to compete on the global market,” declared Warner. “Our goal is to show the world our wind turbines can be installed in an urban environment without disrupting pre-existing conditions and will produce enough environment-friendly electricity to justify the costs and labor involved.”

The AeroCity VAWT 2 has been installed at a number of locations in TEDA, including school campuses, office buildings and industrial parks along the Hai He River. Ground level and roof top installations have been used to demonstrate the product’s versatility.

AeroTech’s OEM partners have a combined production capacity in excess of 10,000 units per month and Warner expressed confidence that capacity would be utlized in 2011.

“Negotiations with several large-scale buyers are at a promising stage and our installation of VAWT 2s in Tianjin gives potential customers a chance to see for themselves just how cost effective and unobtrusive our wind turbines can be,” said Warner.

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