"Up, Up and Away They Flew into the Starry Night." Taken from White Holly - a New, Innovative Christmas Tale by LadyGray

Denver, CO, January 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Author LadyGray creates an innovative Christmas tale with the standards and craftsmanship of such classics as Gift of the Magi or a Christmas Carol.  A unique Yuletide tale that enters into unexplored areas of the Christmas tradition while retaining its old fashioned values. Picking up where some of the oldest strands of Russian and Germanic myths of old St. Nick leave off, this story begins and ends with the gift of giving.

A heartwarming story of a young Papa and his growing family, who live deep in the woods in a log cabin in the year 1900. A snow storm has struck making a journey into the white woods a necessity. Sharing a campfire with a jolly Ole Soul, magical berry trees, an extraordinary reindeer flight, a miracle birth in icicle light and the gift of giving.

The author says, "I choose White Holly for the title because the year my daughter was born (12-13-90 in Northern VA), there was a heavy snow fall and next to the house we lived in was a huge Holly bush – tree covered in snow with the red berries showing through."

Also, the location in the book (1900) was reminiscence of when the author lived in Vermont as a child in the woods. She continues, "We had three neighbors whom had no children and my sister and I, along with the nature of the woods and its inhabitants were all we had to entertain ourselves with."

The present day at the beginning and end of the book takes place in the 1970’s era, the author's favorite years of times past - when she was a child and teen.

The author continues, "Papa and his violin are reminiscence of one of my favorite classic TV shows from the 1970’s era. Papa’s character is a combination of three men, one of historical fame and the other two are of my two Dads (both Biological and Step)."

The Gift of Giving through out the story interweaves from the heart of the time and energy that is instilled in creating and making a gift to give, instead of store bought. And not necessarily always a homemade gift, but a cooked meal – chopped wood – bag of flour – material for clothes making and so on.

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