Adds Automatic Levels, Theodolites & Total Stations to Its Website Product Line

Laser Levels USA is now carrying a full line of optical-type levels such as automatic levels and builders levels, digital theodolites, total stations and prisms as well as a wide variety of laser levels.

Paso Robles, CA, November 27, 2010 --( Laser Levels USA has recently added an automatic level selection that includes a variety of instruments with magnifications from 22× to 32× and working ranges from 150 feet to 400 feet. They have also added money saving builders level kits and packages which includes the automatic level, a tripod, a grade rod, and a plumb bob.

Laser Levels USA has also added Northwest Instrument's new line of theodolites and total stations. The NETH503 5" Theodolite has a 30x telescope with illumination, 360 degree full transit, digital reading of both horizontal and vertical angles, dual-side LCD display, photoelectric incremental encoder, optical plummet, alkaline or rechargeable battery pack selectable.

The new Northwest Instrument NTDM502 Total Station has a 6000-foot working range when using a single prism. It has 30x magnification, 5-second angle accuracy, an optical or laser plummet, and measures both horizontal (dual) and vertical angles (single). In addition to the theodolite and total station, Laser Levels USA has also added a full line of prisms and tripods that are needed for use with the instrument.

An automatic level or builders level is an optical type level that is said to be self-leveling. When the bull's-eye bubble has been centered, the automatic level is close to being set level. An internal compensator mechanism in the form of a swing prism then automatically removes any residual disparity from the level. This is done quickly within the automatic level by a damping device so that the observer does not have to wait until it settles on its own accord. The builders level has the advantage of offering very rapid instrument setups and of eliminating random errors in centering the level bubble.

Laser Levels USA offers high quality brand name surveying and leveling instruments for the grader, underground contractor, home builder, concrete worker, mason, carpenter, landscaper, surveyor, and engineer at competitive prices. The company specializes in the sale of laser levels and laser level accessories of all types including rotary lasers, laser line levels, laser plumb bobs, laser distance meters, laser detectors, torpedo lasers, laser level tripods, grade rods and now automatic levels. presently carries three of the highest quality name brand surveying instruments including Johnson Level Tool Company, Northwest Instrument, and AGATEC Construction Lasers. They continue to look to offer additional quality brands of automatic levels, theodolites, total stations, laser levels, and land surveying products to better serve their customers. Browse the company's website to see their great selection of builders levels and builders level packages, which contain all of the necessary accoutrements to enable the contractor, builder, or surveyor to begin work with nothing more to buy.

About is an online reseller of name brand construction laser levels, laser level accessories, and land surveying instruments. They have a wide selection of rotary, line, and dot laser levels to choose from at competitive prices. For more information, visit

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