Managed Service Provider Boosts Bottom Line After Switching to AppAssure’s Replay

Managed Service Provider switches to AppAssure Replay reaching improved SLAs for local backup and offsite disaster recovery at a significantly reduced cost.

Reston, VA, November 28, 2010 --( AppAssure Software, Inc., a provider of innovative Windows server backup and disaster recovery software, announced today that Lionfield Technology Solutions, Ltd., a PA-based provider of information technology support and services to small and mid-sized businesses, switched to AppAssure’s flagship backup and recovery product, Replay 4, reaching improved SLAs, reduced cost basis to service clients, and increased profit margins.

Lionfield Technology Solutions provides high quality information technology support and services to small and mid-sized businesses in the Philadelphia area. “Most of our clients pay a monthly fee in exchange for a certain set of IT services,” notes Matthew Matosky, President of Lionfield Technology Solutions. “I am always looking at the bottom line, and what this means is that any product we use for them absolutely has to work or I lose money.”

Over the last five years, Matosky has noticed how dramatically the expectations of his clients have changed. “Our clients used to be happy when we could recover data or get their servers back online in a couple of days,” says Matosky. “Now they want everything back and working in just hours. People have the expectation that everything will always work and that downtime doesn’t exist. So we need tools we can rely on and trust.”

Over the last 11 years, Matosky’s company has been through almost every backup and disaster recovery product on the market. When they had trouble getting all the functionality they needed in one product, they used their creativity and put several different products together to try to get the efficiency, RTO, and certainty they promised their clients.

And that’s when Lionfield found Replay.

“I was pretty happy with Replay, but you never know until you’re in the trenches,” muses Matosky, “so we decided to use it for ourselves -- on our own servers before doing anything else.” Lionfield didn’t have to wait very long to see if Replay lived up to its stellar reputation. A server soon crashed at the Lionfield office. However, this time Matosky and his team were able to run everything virtually, diagnose the problem, restore dissimilar hardware, and get back up and running. “Our customers never even saw us down,” Matosky notes proudly.

For Lionfield clients using Replay with an onsite core and a VMware player, Matosky reliably promises that virtual standby can be up in less than an hour. “We have one client whose CITRIX server died,” says Matosky. “Their hardware was toast, but we fired up the virtual standby and their staff could keep working. They were happy and so were we.”

Lionfield is convinced that Replay gives them all the functionality, ease, and confidence they were missing in previous backup and disaster recovery solutions:

- Using Replay, the Lionfield team no longer has questionable software performance at client sites; nor do they have to cobble together complicated optional items to get the functionality they need for dissimilar hardware
- They easily meet client RTO/RPO expectations with Replay
- With a Replay core on-site, Lionfield clients aren’t seeing a chug while doing backup, as they used to
- With AppAssure, Lionfield has rock solid support they can count on, without having to dig through complicated support materials

Finally, Matosky is able to build a profitable backup and disaster recovery service using Replay for his clients. “We’re making a robust data center, and all our clients’ data is coming here now. If I needed to grab that server in a fire/flood scenario, it’s right here.” When it comes to explaining the benefits of Replay to potential new clients, Matosky sums it up as follows: “Listen, I can take your backup, create a virtual or put it on another server and host it, so it’s not sitting somewhere else that takes precious time to get to. It’s off-sited to my location so I can manage it and make sure it’s secure.”

The bottom line, says Matosky, is confidence. “I’ m more comfortable than I’ve ever been in the past.”

Companies can download a free 14-day trial of the award-winning Replay 4 backup software at

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