Off Site Backup Service with 100% Data Recovery

Jacksonville, FL, January 25, 2007 --( Coolcat Inc. is a leading provider of online backup, off-site storage, and recovery services that automate the process of protecting data for both individuals and businesses. Coolcat Inc Technology Services provide support and installation expertise, ensuring customers have a turnkey service that fully protects data on remote laptops, desktops and Servers. The companies’ service is operating at 100% data recovery. No one has ever lost data backed up with their system.

Coolcat Inc's software automatically backs up data files and programs according to a user-defined frequency then encrypts the data with the highest level on the planet and sends it over the Internet to off-site mass storage vaults housed in a geographic redundant hardened facility. Some of the largest companies on the East Coast operate out of and rely on the same facility. “We refer to the data center as the soft pillow effect for our clients,” said Seth Oxhandler, CEO. “What sets us apart from every one else is the survivability of infrastructure. The state-of-the-art Advanced Information Technology Center in Jacksonville, Florida was designed to host and protect business-critical information technology systems.”

“Businesses are promoting work from home to help minimize traffic, reduce pollution, cut real estate costs, recruit and retain quality employees, Coolcat Inc can provides granular customer service providing clients with a single pint of contact," said Seth Oxhandler, President & CEO of Coolcat Inc. "I have seen first hand the tremendous loss of time and money that can occur from hard drive failures and software issues. However, research has shown that the backup of data is generally deficient, when done, does not occur regularly, and often retains only partial data with a single copy and no disaster Recovery. A fail-safe online backup solution is insurance that every company must have."

Coolcat Inc provides mission critical data protection that automatically and securely delivers disciplined backup and advanced recovery services designed for organizations and individuals unable to tolerate data loss or downtime. Combined with dedicated managed services and expert technical support, organizations can focus on core competencies, knowing that they are fully protected. Managed solutions include off site data backup and recovery, email archiving, and real-time replication with automatic fail over that deliver maximum security and regulatory compliance.

There's no limit to the kinds of businesses, government agencies and organizations that can now achieve a higher level of security and availability for systems and data. Considering the severe impact on a business that can occur if essential data becomes inaccessible or is destroyed, it makes sense to incorporate a secure facility.

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