Green Products and Services Gain Support as Issues of Global Warming and Environmental Contamination Escalate – Green Building Responds to the Growing Demand for a Clean and Healthy Environment.

Point Roberts, WA, January 25, 2007 --( (ES) an investor and industry news portal for the cleantech sector, reports on the growing movement towards ‘green’ products and services that are rapidly becoming a key component of the building industry. With global awareness improving through political support, media coverage, and overall education, the rising popularity of environmentally safe products and materials have received a boost, creating opportunities for sector participants such as International Barrier Technology Inc. (OTCBB: IBTGF; TSXV: IBH), manufacturer of environmentally friendly fire resistant building materials.

Buildings have a significant impact on our environment and our economy, which is why there is growing support for improving processes to reduce waste and costs, improve efficiency, promote better health and reduce the effect on the environment. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings in the United States account for 65% of electricity consumption, 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and 30% of raw materials use. Buildings also consume 12% of potable water and produce 30% of waste output.

With global warming at the forefront of environmental discussions, reducing greenhouse gases, and improving energy efficiency have helped drive the adoption of renewable energy as a viable option of green buildings. Outside the energy focus, considerable attention in the green building arena is also being given to protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals through the use of products and materials that are non-toxic. Areas where healthier choices can be made include materials such as fire-retardants, paint, carpets and cleaners that are environmentally safe.

Research data reveals the risks of toxic chemicals with evidence continually being discovered in areas such as the Arctic where fish, polar bears and other animals are showing escalating signs of chemical contamination. Many man-made chemicals enter our water systems, soil, and air during manufacturing, use, disposal, as well as through leaks and fires.

Recent evidence shows poisoning by chemicals commonly used as flame retardants in household items such as carpets, furniture and clothes with data showing a connection between contamination levels in polar bears from the flame retardant polybrominated diphenyls (PBDEs) and the growing rate of hermaphroditism in polar bears.

Dr. Michael Huddy, President and CEO of International Barrier Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: IBTGF; TSXV: IBH) explains, “It is not only the reality of harmful chemicals entering the food chain, but it is also the perception of chemicals and the possibility that they might get into the food chain that is creating interest and frenzy about harmful fire retardant treatments. People are becoming more and more concerned about their health and the health of their environment and are making decisions based on this reality. Due to the fact that International Barrier’s products have no harmful chemicals, with all of our materials being environmentally safe without any risks of leaching out into the groundwater, we have established a valuable alternative choice for designers and builders.”

As consumers and businesses become more aware of the risks that many commonly used chemicals can pose on our environment, the level of adoption of non-toxic and environmentally friendly products has increased, rapidly playing a bigger part in today’s commercial and residential construction.

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