Book release: "I Dreamed A Crooked Dream" -- Fresno Scifi & Fantasy Writers 2010 Anthology Now Available: Hardback, Paperback, eBooks -- Local Signings

Fresno, CA, November 30, 2010 --( Fresno Scifi & Fantasy Writers (FSFW) is pleased to announce the release of their first publication, an anthology of science fiction and fantasy, "I Dreamed A Crooked Dream" -- ten stories by ten local Fresno-area writers. The anthology is now available in hardback and trade paperback printed editions, and also in ebook (Kindle, Nook, PDF) formats.

Several of the writers will be available to sign hardback and paperback copies of the volume at local events to be announced.

FSFW is a mixed group from the Central Valley in California. Beginning as a handful of writers hoping to sharpen their writing pens on the whetstone of thoughtful criticism, FSFW has grown in both numbers and expertise. This anthology is their first collaboration, showcasing the creative minds of a group of people drawn together by their love of words.

This anthology presents stories by E.A.J. Smith, Melanie Smith, Sarah A. Peterson, Jim D. Geiser, Earl Scialabba, C. Michael Fontes, Christopher Wood, P.D. Wright, R. Garrett Wilson, and Roh Morgon.

From the book jacket: "What is a dream? Modern science isn't sure. The general belief runs that dreams are illusions: while we sleep, our brains process recent electrical memory into long-term chemical memory, and our minds try to make sense of all the scraps of image and emotion and impression. Some people believe that dreams reveal our innermost desires, or our deepest fears. We pay analysts a fortune to interpret them. Some believe that dreams are visions of the future. They've been known to come true. Some believe that dreams are messages from someone or somewhere beyond our regular senses. Some believe that dreams are glimpses—or even visits—into other realities: the afterlife, or worlds that might have been. Are dreams real? If they exist, even only in our minds, then how can they not be real? So, what is a dream? Here we present one answer, and ten... dreams, if you will. They were, at least, visions in the minds of the writers. Whether they are real is up to you."

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