Eyeball Releases AnyFirewall Engine, and Anounces License Agreement with Nokia

New software guarantees 100% VoIP Call Completion.

Vancouver, Canada, January 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Eyeball, the VoIP Call Completion™ company, today released AnyFirewall™ Engine, a firewall and NAT traversal SDK that incorporates the most comprehensive implementation of STUN, TURN and ICE. Together with AnyFirewall Server, AnyFirewall Engine ensures 100% seamless call completion for VoIP phones, services and applications.

The growth of the Internet has created a global shortage of IP addresses. ISPs, enterprises and home routers bypass this problem by using Network Address Translation (NAT) to hide many private addresses behind one single public address, which interferes with VoIP calls.

According to Business Week magazine, 3.1% of all VoIP calls fail. In comparison, the call failure rate for traditional telephone services is less than 0.01%. AnyFirewall Engine enables VoIP phones and applications to get through firewalls and resolve NAT challenges, ensuring that every call gets completed seamlessly.

“Until now, firewall and NAT traversal has been the biggest obstacle to VoIP adoption,” says Chris Piché, Eyeball CEO. “Eyeball has pioneered VoIP call completion since 2001 and we are delighted to make our innovation available to industry partners worldwide through the release of AnyFirewall Engine.”

Eyeball also announced an agreement to license AnyFirewall Technology into Nokia’s smartphone infrastructure. “Nokia is one of the leading smartphone companies in the world and we are excited to contribute our Call Completion technology to Nokia’s VoIP infrastructure and IMS, WiFi and WiMax deployments,” adds Piché.

As more subscribers demand IP connectivity features in FMC phones, firewall and NAT traversal is fast becoming an industry issue for mobile users. Roberto Loiola, Vice President of Marketing & Sales Networks at Nokia says, “Nokia is embracing the vision of telecommunications that IP is making possible."

Eyeball’s AnyFirewall Engine and AnyFirewall Server are available now for licensing and deployment.


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Eyeball (www.eyeball.com) is a dedicated team of Call Completion experts with a single focus: setting the global standard in VoIP Call Completion. Companies that have endorsed this vision include: Nokia, Swisscom, Fujifilm, Slovenia Telecom, True Corporation, and more than 100 other VoIP service providers, application developers, and device makers on five continents. Today, more than 19 million subscribers with over 10 billion VoIP call minutes use Eyeball’s AnyFirewall Technology to guarantee VoIP Call Completion.

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