The Heart of a Hedge Fund: Idea Creation, Execution and Risk Management

Opalesque's third annual New York Roundtable has once again assembled an unique group of alternative asset management experts, ranging from a $12 billion hedge funds to an emerging manager. The animated Roundtable discussion highlights one of the most important aspects of active money management: idea creation, execution and risk management.

New York, NY, December 01, 2010 --( On 27 pages, the Roundtable script includes exceptional insights and intelligence:

· How do hedge fund and alternative asset managers create their trades and strategies?
· Can academic studies be relevant for active money management?
· How did alternative asset managers manage to identify risk early in 2007 and 2008 and successfully created insurance positions to protect capital?
· How did some hedge funds trade and profit from Quantitative Easing?
· What systemic risks may be looming right now over the horizon?
· Will inflation be a risk? Where and how can inflation be identified early on?

The 27 Roundtable script can be downloaded for free at:

In addition, this Roundtable discusses:
· What opportunities are hedge fund managers enthusiastic about?
· What strategies should risk-averse investors be looking at?
· How important is Technical Analysis today?
· How have CTAs evolved their risk management since the days of the Turtle traders (the 80s)?
· How important is investor education? Why should hedge funds engage in educating investors and prospects, and how?
· What could be unintended consequences within FinReg and the Volker Rule?
· Which funds have doubled their asset base during the last 12 months?

The 2010 Opalesque New York Roundtable was sponsored by Trading Technologies and took place October 7th with the following experts:
1. Robert E. Kiernan III, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Portfolio Management
2. Sam Barai, Portfolio Manager and Principal, Barai Capital Management
3. Bob Treue, President and Chief Executive Officer, Barnegat Fund
4. Bernie Drury, President and Chief Investment Officer, Drury Capital
5. Thomas Humphrey, Partner, Head of Marketing & Client Development, GoldenTree Asset Management
6. Russ Rausch, EVP Global Buyside Sales, Trading Technologies

The Opalesque 2010 Roundtable Series is also sponsored by Custom House Group and Taussig Capital.

About the Opalesque Roundtable Series:
Opalesque Roundtable Series is an unparalleled collection of intelligence on the most important global hedge fund jurisdictions and players. In each Opalesque Roundtable, Opalesque unites some of the leading hedge fund managers (single and multi strategy managers) as well as representatives of the local investor base (institutions, fund of funds, advisers) to gain unique insights into the specific idiosyncrasies and developments, the issues and advantages of the highlighted hedge fund centers.

The Opalesque 2010 Roundtable Series are supported by Custom House Group and Taussig Capital. All Opalesque Roundtable Scripts can be accessed here:

Matthias Knab, founder of Opalesque and internationally recognized expert on hedge funds and alternatives, moderates the Opalesque Roundtables.

About Opalesque:
In 2003, with the publication of its daily Alternative Market Briefing, Opalesque successfully launched an information revolution in the hedge fund media space: "Opalesque changed the world by bringing transparency where there was opacity and by delivering an accurate professional reporting service." - Nigel Blanchard, Culross. This hybrid financial news service, which combines proprietary industry news stories and filtered third party reports, has been credited by many industry insiders with delivering precise, accurate, and vital information to a notoriously guarded audience.

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