Launches for Alternative Investment Projects

New York, NY, December 02, 2010 --( In a move to expand its services, is pleased to announce the launch of, a platform that matches investors seeking alternative investment vehicles with projects. Leveraging revolutionary TradePlacer technology, enables investors to coordinate investment projects with larger capital structures with the goal of obtaining returns higher than 10 percent. lists unique projects focusing on real estate and emerging markets such as a solar power project in India with a government contract and a timber plantation in Panama where trees grow a little in value every day. Other projects may include farms, mines, and rental income properties.

CapitalSlice matches investors with alternative investment projects allowing them to pool their resources to take advantage of business opportunities. Business owners and project managers of such projects often have opportunities to expand investments but lack the capital or credit to do so even if returns are likely to be in the higher than normal. Traditional bank loans for small business projects are scarce due to tight credit standards. Meanwhile investors are seeking higher returns than fixed deposits, and the opportunity to diversify into projects that have been traditionally unavailable to them. CapitalSlice brings investors and project managers together for mutually beneficial projects.

The aim of CapitalSlice is to increase transparency, pricing, and liquidity in alternative investment projects where capital slices are shared amongst investors. CapitalSlice also assists in educating investors and obtaining due diligence information.

To facilitate further education and communication between investors and project managers, has also introduced several new features such as a forum, charts, and analysis.

Trade is a real-time marketplace where you can buy or sell items such as gold, silver, platinum, wine and other collectibles. It is the next step beyond an auction, because both buyers and sellers can set their desired price and quantity in real-time.

For more information on how to list your projects at CapitalSlice or to learn more about the investments please visit and or email

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