The Sacrifice Begins Halloween 2005

Maori’s Sacrifice, an ancient story about tremendous sacrifice and catastrophic ordeal, is being released 7 months ahead of schedule.

Moreno Valley, CA, September 05, 2005 --( Publish America is officially releasing Maori’s Sacrifice October 31st 2005, instead of mid 2006. The new young adult fiction based drama by Andre`a Millon, reads lessons of love, loss, and sacrifice seen through the eyes of a young indigenous princess named Maori.

Maori takes the reader on a riveting journey that partly involves her people being divided between two different faiths. She is in constant battle with her parents and sibling, Temuera, regarding one faith being denounced for another as well as the origin of one faith versus the other. To make matters worst, in her eyes, the young princess fancies a young man who is labeled “forbidden blood” and is not allowed to be seen with him. She learns a secret from her best friend’s sister, and promises not to reveal it, only to find out later an unfortunate connection.

Maori becomes a median to disastrous measures in her father’s kingdom: murder, catastrophic events, and sacrifice. Good versus evil, morals versus values, right versus wrong are ingredients of her story. A young princess, growing into a woman, makes difficult choices. Faith, family, and friends may appear to be slipping away because of her decisions, but in reality liberation and the quality of life prevails in result.

There is a thorough list of character biographies and synopsis for Maori’s Sacrifice on, under the Maori’s Sacrifice Link.

The publisher, Publish America – or (301) 695-1707, is accepting pre orders and review request at this time.