Blind Jazz Man Does the Internet Dance

Clyde, TX, January 26, 2007 --( Kevin Brown, a blind jazz saxophonist, doing the impossible?

Kevin is the owner, and operater of Curse Buster Sound. A Texas based recording studio based in Clyde Texas. Kevin is doing some next to impossible things these days. Being an accomplished saxophonist, with over 40 years of experience, a not too shabby sound engineer.

And now, Kevin is conquering the internet.

Yeah! This blind man dont bluff! Curse Buster Sound, which started out as a general idea, has blossomed into a full blown internet powerhouse. Due to Kevin's hard working ethics, and perfectionist attitude.

Kevin says "I recall being on tour in Switzerland with Long John Hunter. We were playing this venue in the lower Alps... at least I thought they were the lower Alps. We were literally playing in a club inside of a cave in the side of some mountain! I remember, after the gig, a native Switz walked up to me and said, 'You've have got to be one of the hardest working sax players I have ever seen in my entire life.'

That is my general attitude... if I am going to do a project, I am going to do it right, or not at all! I put my heart, and soul into it! I won't settle for anything less."

Kevin has added to Curse Buster Sound once again. Kevin says, "We now have a software directory to go with the host of other services at Curse Buster Sound. You can check it out at:"

The real treat though, is the new CD by Kevin titled: Make The Connection. The tracks on this new CD are nothing but awesome! Kevin says, "I absolutely dont like war... So when I write music, I take my time. Trying to capture the emotions that we have lost down through the years. Peace is a wonderful thing... I try to reflect that in my music, while at the same time bringing out that intensity that is deep down in my soul!"

As always, you can find tracks by Kevin on his website:

Kevin says, "This is not an easy thing at all... running a recording studio, and keeping the website going. I am after all just a normal guy... and any blind person will tell you about the temper tantrems... LOL! But, I'll keep on trying to go beyond the perfection."

A sample track from the new CD:

Curse Buster Sound
Kevin Brown