Citizens Choice Healthplan HMO Receives Senior Choice Gold Award for Excellence in 2011 Medicare Plan Benefits in Inland Empire

Cerritos, CA, December 05, 2010 --( Citizens Choice Healthplan HMO has been selected as the only Medicare Healthplan in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties to be recognized for cost-sharing effectiveness and value in the design of its 2011 medical and Part D prescription drug benefits for Medicare beneficiaries.

Citizens Choice Healthplan HMO was selected from over 200 Medicare managed care plans based on cost-sharing comparisons conducted by HealthMetrix Research Inc., a national independent managed care research firm. In announcing the 2011 Senior Choice Gold Award, HealthMetrix Research and president Alan Mittermaier pointed out the importance of the award for Medicare beneficiaries:
"This award responds to the concerns and uncertainties that beneficiaries have with the out-of-pocket costs incurred when they enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. Citizens Choice Healthplan HMO has demonstrated a commitment to delivering maximum value in the design of their plan benefits, co-payments, deductibles, and premiums. We believe that informed beneficiaries can rely on this award as an indication of excellence just as they rely on other awards and consumer ratings that recognize excellence in quality of care, health outcomes and member satisfaction,” Alan said.

The award selections were based on the 2011 estimated cost-sharing comparisons conducted nationwide in over 95 cities during October 2010 by HealthMetrix Research Inc. The annual comparisons estimate the out-of-pocket costs for beneficiaries based on health status categories (healthy/episodic/chronic) and corresponding utilization of the most common plan benefits (physician office visits, emergency or urgent care, hospital care, prevention care, prescriptions). The comparisons identify the Medicare plans with the best value and lowest estimated annual out-of-pocket costs based on the approved 2011 member co-payments, deductibles and premiums that appear in the Medicare Options Compare database (

“Our efforts focus on providing high quality care with the highest value to our members,” said Elizabeth S. Tejada, Chief Operations Officer of the plan. “This recognition validates our health plan benefits as outstanding for Medicare beneficiaries who are looking to contain their prescription drug costs and other health care services.”

HealthMetrix Research Inc. has provided independent information to a national audience of managed care organizations and consumers since 1996. The Cost Share Report is the most current analysis of Medicare plan cost-sharing available.


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