MikeVeny.com Now Has Online Drum Lessons

East Meadow, NY, January 27, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The demand for online drum lessons has increased significantly due to innovative technology. Online drum lessons aren't just videos. They are a complete e-learning package.

Enter MikeVeny.com. The three-year-old website offers links to the best online drum lessons on the web. The owner and drum teacher, Mike Veny, came up with the idea of offering online drum lessons. He worked for two years, investigating what his visitors needed. Mike Veny said, “I get many people contacting me about online drum lessons, because they live outside of New York. Also, many of my drum students have asked about online drum lessons as a supplement to their lessons with me. I haven't had the time to prepare a full online drum lesson course, so I have links to some amazing online drum lessons given by other drum teachers.”

Online drum lessons come with videos and supplemental materials, such as e-books. One course even gives you a free metronome. They range in price from $30 to $60. An online drum lesson course is a one-time purchase that offers tons of information. MikeVeny.com has links to 4 online drum lesson courses.

Mike Veny said, “I am a professional drummer and I still take lessons. Online drum lessons have been very helpful to me. Fortunately, my drums are right next to my computer, so I can practice what I learn as I'm learning it. Being able to pause and resume a lesson is quite a convenience. You can't do that in private drum lessons, unless you record every lesson on video.”

Since online drum lessons have become a standard form of learning drums, new courses are being started all the time. Some drum teachers even offer private drum lessons via the internet. Most of today's computers are equipped with great video capability to make this possible.

The majority of people who have taken online drum lessons have been very happy with them. Mike Veny might consider developing his own online drum lesson course at some point in the future.

Mike Veny