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A Call for Celebrities to Donate Their Hair to Make and Auction Diamonds to Support African Charities

Heart-In Diamond is calling the Blood Diamond producers and Hollywood to participate in its charitable action. The company proposes creating diamonds from celebrities' hair to auction for a charitable cause.

New York, NY, January 29, 2007 --( The issue of blood or so called conflict diamonds is one of the most sensitive problems in the diamond industry. The ethical evolution of a contemporary consumer no longer allows purchasing diamonds without questioning the origins of the beauty, despite the magical blinding shine of the girl’s best friend.

The diamond industry makes a significant effort to keep the reputation of the diamond traders as spotless as a diamond, a synonym of purity. Kimberley certificate is one of such truly effective instruments but apparently not sufficient to close the subject.

For the Diamond Industry to oppose the movie “Blood Diamond” would mean to think more about potential damages in case of the negative consumer reaction, rather than putting more efforts to tackle true evil, for the Blood Diamond story is not a myth.

One of the real steps is the actual help to the most affected African countries, which diamond industry players can afford. Heart-In Diamond, which produces man-made personalised diamonds (made with carbon extracted from hair) and their UK distributor Anniversary Diamonds have invited celebrities concerned about the conflict diamond trade with an unusual offer.

The company offers to create personalised diamonds of the interested celebrities, auction them and donate the money from the auctions to the African charities. The company wants to collaborate with the African charities to get the message across to the ethically conscious stars.

“By making man-made and therefore conflict-free diamonds we do not oppose the natural diamond industry,” said president of Heart-In Diamond Serge Shulepov. “We are small but integral part of the industry, and we would never isolate ourselves from the industry problems. We hope to receive response to our invitation as supporting African countries suffered from diamond trade would only strengthen the reputation of the diamond trade.”

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About Heart-In Diamond
Heart-In Diamond is the latest development from New Age Diamonds laboratory that specializes in growing personal cultivated diamonds with the chemical, optical and physical properties of a natural diamond. This custom-made personalized diamond is grown with the addition of carbon extracted from the client's hair what makes them personal and unique to an individual. Heart-In Diamond is more than just a diamond.

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