Opalesque CT Roundtable: Industry Moves from Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation, Risk Measurement to Real Risk Management

About one third of the global hedge fund assets are managed from Connecticut. For the second time, Opalesque founder Matthias Knab came to Greenwich to hold an Opalesque Roundtable there.

New York, NY, December 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The Roundtable took place in October 2010 with the following experts:

- Ajay Jani, Managing Director, Emerging Markets Portfolio Management, Gramercy
- Donald Brownstein, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Structured Portfolio Management
- Joe Taussig, Founder, Taussig Capital AG
- Jonathan Litt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Land and Buildings
- Kevin Schweitzer, General Partner, Chief Investment Officer, RockView Capital
- Marco Bianchi, Head of US Business Development, NYSE Liffe
- Pamela M. Lawrence, Co-founder and Managing Principal, Restoration Capital
- Theresa Patti, Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Strategist, QFS Asset Management, L.P.
- Walter Raquet, Chairman, WR Managed Account Services
- Bill Ferrell, President & Chief Investment Officer, Ferrell Capital Management

The 28 Roundtable script can be downloaded for free at: http://www.opalesque.com/RT/RoundtableConnecticut2010.html

From asset allocation to risk allocation, risk measurement to real risk management

The Roundtable highlights several fundamental developments within the global hedge fund industry. Today, asset/liability management has forced investors to become much more focused on absolute return. However, not only has the focus changed, but also the way investors invest. The pronounced shift from mere asset allocation to risk allocation will favor hedge funds, as investors are forced to analyze what part of their portfolio really drives performance.

A second major trend is the evolution of risk measurement into real risk management. “Going forward, it will not be enough just to get risk reports and find out what your risks are in the portfolios, and then at some point later learning that while you were measuring risk, you really did not have any way to apply a protection plan in case the risk went up above your policy limits,” says Bill Ferrell.

Hear about the latest trends, technological advances and examples of how to aggregate risk on portfolio levels in order to create efficient portfolio hedges on time and deal with tail risk events ahead.

In addition, this Roundtable discusses:
- Details on the significant spike in interest from very large hedge fund investors in managed accounts
- Opportunities in distressed, real estate, emerging markets and global macro
- Is regulation changing or threatening the hedge fund business?
- What will be the two phases of the coming “Bernanke Moment”?
- Will interest rates go up? Will foreigners stop buying U.S. bonds? Will inflation heat up and the U.S. pay back bonds with inflated dollars? Will there be an abnormality in asset prices as a consequence?
- New equity index futures and innovative clearing model from NYSE Liffe U.S.
- What could the next stress tests deal with, what could happen now, instead of merely looking backwards?

The Roundable was sponsored by NYSE Liffe U.S. Opalesque also thanks the 2010 Roundtable Series sponsors Custom House Group and Taussig Capital for their support. All Opalesque Roundtable Scripts can be accessed here: http://www.opalesque.com/index.php?act=archiveRT

About the Opalesque Roundtable Series:
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The Opalesque 2010 Roundtable Series are supported by Custom House Group and Taussig Capital. All Opalesque Roundtable Scripts can be accessed here: http://www.opalesque.com/index.php?act=archiveRT

Matthias Knab, founder of Opalesque and internationally recognized expert on hedge funds and alternatives, moderates the Opalesque Roundtables.

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