Ip Camera Store Launches a Series of Ready-to-Use Surveillance Systems Products

Fort Lauderdale, FL, December 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ip Camera Store team has launched several ready-to-use video surveillance systems at its web site yesterday. They are targeted at three consumer categories - home, office users and a warehouse one. Some of the systems overlap two categories i.e. they can be used for both purposes.

The systems are designed with providing ease of use for the customers in mind and to help shorten the installation period for them. Customers also save on installation taxes as they don’t pay for mounting and for settings tuning.

Each of the systems is a complete video surveillance kit – it consists of a number of IP cameras, an NVR, a switch and cables, and a software license for those systems that do not include an NVR. Unlike its competitors Ip Camera Store’s systems are turn-key solutions: all the cameras and Network Video Recorder (NVR) settings are done by the team in advance and each NVR will come with a preinstalled hard disk drive. For the systems that use a PC as a recording device instead of NVR, a free remote installation and setup will be offered.

The product categories are created on Ip Camera Store’s web site with the systems available for purchase and the team is working on providing installation manuals and support for each of the products. Customers can take advantage of the systems even now when the manuals are still not available because all they need to do is mount the cameras and connect the wires.

Still a diverse range of systems are to be designed some of which will be wired, wireless, systems besides those for home, office and warehouse surveillance.

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