Smartlogic Unveil Plans to Transform Government Information Systems by Bringing Knowledge Management Technology to the UAE

Smartlogic, leaders in content classification and taxonomy management software, prepare to launch Semaphore for Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs.

London, United Kingdom, December 08, 2010 --( Smartlogic's innovative search engine software 'Semaphore' will shortly enable the Department of Municipal Affairs in Abu Dhabi to search thousands of documents and link together hundreds of municipal departments that up to this point have been rendered completely unconnected. This will constitute a radical transformation of the government information systems currently in place.

Smartlogic, international developer of the open semantic platform 'Semaphore', has been working with the Abu Dhabi DMA since 2009. The implementation project, part of an overall government information systems overhaul, recently passed its user acceptance tests with flying colours and Smartlogic, in conjunction with the UAE government, are now preparing for two project launch events, one to celebrate the United Arab Emirates National Day on 3 December 2010 and one to mark the formal adoption of the knowledge management technology itself in January 2011.

"Up until now we've only been able to imagine the effect this might have on municipal bureaucracy - this is really going to bring the Abu Dhabi DMA to life," says Professor Allam Ahmed, Consultant in Knowledge Management for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs.

"There are numerous municipalities in Abu Dhabi that are currently all unrelated. Using Semaphore will enable us to relate all entities under one content classification and taxonomy management system - giving governmental staff the ability to access data and documents across a variety of platforms."

This is a strategic project run by the UAE government for the Abu Dhabi DMA in conjunction with partners Mouchell Middle East, the international consulting & business services group,, regional internet solutions provider for the United Arab Emirates and Injazat Data Systems, information technology and business process services providers in Abu Dhabi.

According to Professor Ahmed, "This is just the beginning - there are 44 more government departments waiting to benefit from the technology.

"We're in the final stages of implementation. We are extremely pleased with the project so far and are looking forward to seeing the benefits in very real terms on a day-to-day basis. We plan to advance the knowledge management technology out to the other government entities and then to extend the knowledge base out to the general public."

Semaphore uses advanced content classification and taxonomy software to structure data by automatically capturing an organisation's topics, language and context into an ontology, significantly improving search and navigation capabilities. The implications for government information systems, with hundreds of departments, all with infinite and varying knowledge management requirements, are huge.

Professor Ahmed continues, "The adoption of this sort of knowledge management technology cannot be underestimated - it signifies a shift from previously unstructured data to comprehensive ontological organisation and taxonomy management. Currently each municipality stands alone, unable to share information. This will transform the whole working environment."

More information on Semaphore can be found on the Smartlogic website at

About Smartlogic –

Smartlogic are the producers of Semaphore, an open semantic platform that adds advanced content classification capabilities to information management systems in order to structure data, providing the most compelling semantic applications for search, content management and business process automation.

Adopting a semantic approach to your information management strategy improves the accuracy and efficacy of information intensive tasks such as applying metadata and finding information, as well as enabling content integration across disparate sources. This combination delivers the highest return on an organisations information assets.

- Media companies use Semaphore to improve the quality of their information feeds, boosting distribution, readership & subscriptions
- Government authorities use Semaphore to tag information according to their standards, for compliance, intelligence processing & citizen self-service
- Healthcare companies use Semaphore to boost the level of self-service and improve the quality of critical health information they provide to patients
- Investment banks use Semaphore to consolidate their information costs, better promote their primary research and automate information compliance
- Online directories use Semaphore to increase their advertising revenues
- Corporate intranets & websites use Semaphore to boost their use and maximise their return on information assets.

Information managers use Semaphore to manage their taxonomies and ontologies, classification schemes and records retention policies.

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