Costa Rica Peace Corps Director Commits to Supporting Global Social Housing's Colorado Project: The First Such Collaboration in the Organization’s History

Peace Corps Director, Steven Dorsey, gives an interview committing his support for Global Social Housing's Colorado project. This project seeks to build social housing communities wthin Costa Rica.

Sarasota, FL, December 16, 2010 --( Peace Corps Country Director, Steven Dorsey, has expressed willingness to support Global Social Housing's project, in Colorado, Costa Rica. This unique collaboration will bring the Peace Corps’ fifty years' experience to bear at the grass roots level of this community’s inception.

The involvement of the Peace Corps adds massive value to the project, ensuring Global Social Housing can meet it's goal of creating not just solid housing for those in dire need, but sound social returns with the establishment of thriving communities.

Mr Dorsey said: "We would be glad to place a Peace Corps Volunteer in or near the Colorado Project to help build a real community. Building houses does not build a community organically. It takes concentrated effort and skills execute community organization and development, and that’s where we come in.”

In a recent interview Global Social Housing asked Mr. Dorsey to describe some of the real, grass roots changes social housing projects achieve in his experience. He said: “Social Housing opens new opportunities for disadvantaged and underserved populations.”

He described how this works, saying: “It gives them the opportunity to become home/property owners, as most are disenfranchised. It can also help them feel more part of a community that is organized (depending on how that organization is carried out).” He also noted the personal value of social housing projects: “It strengthens the self-esteem of individuals and families. It provides stability and security for children in their education and health.”

Mr Dorsey drew attention to the fact that, while Costa Rica is a tourist haven, there are under developed areas and many who live in inadequate, unsafe housing. In his opinion, providing social housing to these communities will help to lower the growing disparity between the wealthy and underserved.

The Colorado Project is a philanthropic venture which will be funded by donations from private foundations. Projects of this nature combine perfectly with the Costa Rican government’s goal to eradicate poverty in the next two decades, which the national bank also guarantees with its proven backing of funds donated to social housing projects over the last 23 years.

To read the full interview, please visit the Global Social Housing Org website.
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Lisa Mirman