Athletic Scholarship Corporation Recruiting Workshop Will Market College Prospects

Football star and ASC offer tips, tricks and advice for parents and their athletes preparing for college.

Kent, OH, December 10, 2010 --( Parents and their student-athletes will be educated, marketed and enlightened when they attend a recruiting workshop featuring former NFL quarterback Jim
Ballard on Jan. 20th.

Ballard, a former NFL quarterback and College Hall of Fame inductee, will help student-athletes in all sports and their parents learn how to navigate the difficult scholarship waters.

“Lots of kids fall through the cracks because they might go to a small school or their coach might not know how to promote them or get attention for them,” Ballard said. “And a lot of kids and parents are unclear on the process. There are so many things you need to be educated about.”

The event at Kent State University is designed for high school coaches, student-athletes and their parents and will be facilitated by AJ Hodel, CEO and founder of Athletic Scholarship Corporation, which specializes in promoting student-athletes and finding scholarship dollars for them.

Hodel said that many parents and their athlete children don’t understand the recruiting process, don’t know how to talk to college recruiters and don’t understand the multitude of ever-changing NCAA rules.

“It’s an eye opener for them,” Hodel said. “We have helped student-athletes in all sports from freshmen to seniors who have been overlooked. There’s money out there, but parents need to be prepared early.”

The event, which begins at 8 p.m., will feature a multitude of useful information for athletes and their parents, including:

- How to handle the complex recruiting process
- How to distinguish between real recruiting mail and junk recruiting mail
- NCAA rules
- Step-by-step instruction on how to make a highlight reel
- How to get a fair share of the scholarship monies available
- Obtain national marketing program administrated by ASC.

Ballard, who now runs his own business through which he helps quarterbacks develop and refine their skills, says that high school and college athletics have become much more competitive and kids and parents need to get fully in the game.

“There are so many guys out there that can help kids get faster, stronger and bigger than when I was in high school,” Ballard said. “It’s much more competitive.”

The event is designed for male and female athletes from all sports.

Event information:
- Jan. 20, 2011, 8 p.m.
- Kent State University (Bowman Hall RM 133)

About Jim Ballard:

Ballard has played for both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills in the NFL as well as NFL Europe, arena football and Canadian football teams. He was inducted into the College Hall of Fame in 2008 and as a college player broke numerous records at Mount Union. He currently mentors and develops quarterbacks through his company Air It Out, Inc.

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About ASC:
Athletic Scholarship Corporation is an organization committed to efficiently showcasing the talents of high school student-athletes nationwide. The sports professionals and technology providers at ASC advise coaches and recruiters to help programs of all sizes find a well-rounded group of student-athletes. For more information, visit

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