RAD-Planning Releases New 'The RADIANT' Newsletter for Radiology Architects, Managers, Engineers and Equipment Planners

RADIOLOGY Planning (RAD-Planning) has recently unveiled their new 'The RADIANT' email newsletter. Readers familiar with the group's prior publication, the 'MRI Newsletter,' may be surprised to see coverage of not only MRI, but also CT, PET and nuclear medicine, and all of imaging.

Kansas City, MO, December 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Timed to coincide with the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), RAD-Planning launched its new email newsletter, 'The RADIANT', to thousands of subscribers interested in news and information about radiology and nuclear medicine architecture, facilities and equipment planning.

The new publication, which is beginning with bi-monthly distribution, features articles about specific design considerations for MRI, CT, and PET imaging systems, as well as allied therapy facilities. "Quite honestly, the cost of these scanners can be two-times, five-times -- or more -- the buildings into which they're placed," offered Tobias Gilk, RAD-Planning's Senior VP and one of the newsletter's editors. "Architects, equipment planners and radiology administrators often have a command over one aspect of the equipment siting, but if the technical, operational and spatial requirements aren't integrated, you flush a lot of the value of that scanner right down the drain!"

In addition to the modality-specific articles, 'The RADIANT' also includes at least one feature each issue that addresses broader departmental or enterprise-level considerations. The inaugural issue included a piece by founding principal, Robert Junk, AIA, which expanded on an article published a few months ago in a radiology trade magazine on the importance of radiology suite and departmental design to maximize throughput.

"We began, a decade ago, by designing the radiology suites just as any architect would," says Junk, reflecting on the beginnings of the firm's specialization. "Quickly, however, we realized that we have to seek-out huge amounts of technical and operational information in order to design effective facilities. We began from a position of ignorance, and, back then, were surprised at just how much knowledge and experience is necessary to be effective radiology architects."

The newsletter is also an outreach tool to the firm's existing clients, and will have a recurring feature highlighting a few representative projects that are currently underway.

'The RADIANT' is available through the firm's website, as is the opportunity to sign up for email delivery ( http://www.RAD-Planning.com/newsletter.html ).

"We had a paid subscription for our prior publication (the 'MRI Newsletter')," says Gilk, "but we're making all of the content of 'The RADIANT' free to everyone... at least for the foreseeable future."

Tobias Gilk