Brookbend Outdoor Furniture Offers Patio Storage Units That Convert to Food Service Bars

Brookbend's patio storage boxes convert to food service bars using innovative patented lids. The moveable lids break down for combining hot and cold food stations, while allowing access to cavernous storage for cushions or pool supplies. Six product sizes accommodate small and large living spaces and are offered in either cedar or teak wood.

Brookbend Outdoor Furniture Offers Patio Storage Units That Convert to Food Service Bars
Hopkinton, MA, January 29, 2007 --( No more shuffling patio cushions, toys, and deck clutter. Brookbend Outdoor Furniture’s multi-purpose Storage Buffet Boxes afford a beautifully efficient solution that caters to guests in style. The key are innovative top lids, which break into independent pieces. The lid sections move out to create serving pods for food, while plastic tubs drop into the frame and become generous chilling stages for drinks, raw bar, or ice cream sundae parties. Ample storage for cushions or off-season equipment is located under the plastic buckets, and the lids can be closed to keep the box watertight.

Brookbend company owner Paul Marcus and his designer, a former Ethan Allen executive, were struck with the idea for a multi-purpose product while planning a cushion storage solution. The Storage Buffet Box is a logical addition to Brookbend’s innovative line of beautifully designed outdoor furniture, which sells nation-wide by mail order.

Marcus notes that conventional outdoor storage boxes have one use and come in only large sizes. Brookbend’s patented lids add utility while the six different sizes accommodate both large spaces and confined areas such as smaller patios, breezeways or balconies. Storage boxes range from five foot long credenza style to a five foot tall cabinet that’s only two feet wide.

The strikingly executed storage pieces fuse Scandinavian and Asian styling. Beautifully shaped mahogany brackets merge luxury and good sense—unlike metal hinges, they will not become loose over time or rust. The top lids are wisely designed for lightweight ease of use, avoiding problems with young children.

Brookbend's storage line is now offered in either premium knot-free western red cedar or teak. The largest Storage Box sells for $899 in cedar and $1499 in teak, and five smaller boxes are also available from $350 - $1300. Brookbend's Storage Boxes can be seen in greater detail and a full product line catalog can be ordered on the company's Web site at Brookbend can also be reached toll-free at 877-204-6986.

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