Groupflier Rolls Out Free Group Texting Service, Compatible with Any Cell Phone Platform

Bethesda, MD, December 12, 2010 --( GroupFlier today announced the release of its free group text messaging service. GroupFlier ( allows any community of friends - club, team, class, party, clique, campaign, family - to use a single number for group texting.

"We are social texting," said Morris Panner, GroupFlier CEO. "Texting is the perfect way to communicate one-to-one, but unless everyone is on the same service, communicate as group."

With GroupFlier, ( each group receives it’s own unique texting number so it’s is easy for any member to send a text to the group.

Soon to come is geo-location integration so group members can check in and know where they are in relation to each other. The group texting number can also serve as a conference call party number for the group.

GroupFlier will also add software that can be installed on any smartphone, so that users won’t need to maintain a texting plan to use the service.

GroupFlier ( is compatible with all devices and platforms, whether it be a Blackberry, Android, iPhone or old Nokia, as well as supporting any service plans by AT&T, Verizon or a phone card. GroupFlier gives a group the flexibility to communicate freely.

"People are searching for a better way to communicate and form community," Panner said. "New technologies let them do it and let them unhook from the single providers, whether that be the phone company or Facebook."

Panner is an experienced software entrepreneur who two years ago sold his last company, OpenAir, a business process software company, to NetSuite, Larry Ellison’s on-demand software company.

GroupFlier ( caught the attention of one of DC’s hottest VC firms, Novak Biddle, which funded Panner and his team earlier this year.

GroupFlier ( also has intrigued the political set in DC. "This solves a huge problem for campaigns and field operations," said Dick Keil, media strategist with PurpleConsulting and a former White House correspondent who covered the 2004 Presidential campaign. "Communication is the life blood of a campaign, everyone is on a different system, you just can’t move resources fast enough. With GroupFlier, a campaign can get every volunteer on message just like that. IIt is a huge competitive advantage."

Press Contact:
Victor Cruz, Inc
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Victor Cruz
(401) 349-3369