GlobalView Delivers Next Generation of Data Connection API

Chicago, IL, January 30, 2007 --( GlobalView Software Inc., the energy industry’s leading provider of real-time, delayed, historical and proprietary data management solutions, has released the latest version of its web service, Data Connection. Initially launched in February 2006, Data Connection answered the energy industry’s growing concern about integrating data, and now the enhanced version creates new possibilities for how GlobalView clients access energy market information and integrate it into their systems.

Data Connection is an XML web service using open standards and transport protocols to exchange data and integrate applications. With easy access to real-time price data over the Internet using standard description language, it provides an unparalleled solution for system-to-system integration. Data Connection completes the MarketView Data Integration Suite along with the Data Extract and Data Import solutions. Each is a fully hosted application that can be used independently or as part of the suite.

The latest release of Data Connection provides advanced query tools, quality checks and enhanced import functionality to make connecting to market data even more efficient and convenient for MarketView clients. New data query functionality allows easy access to spot, intraday and historical price datasets. Clients can get a market snapshot of prices for a certain time or set filters to gather other specific kinds of information. Data Connection’s import functionality allows clients to import both news and prices.

Data Connection’s new quality tools provide clients with additional assurance on data accuracy. Clients can set parameters to determine if a quote is within an absolute or percentile tolerance of previous prices. Another interface provides clients with the ability to check if quotes are even available for the current day before they begin to run a report. The ability to check data quality and availability not only makes clients’ work more accurate but also can make their processes – from front- to back-office – considerably more efficient.

“Data Connection provides a real edge to companies that are interested in creating Straight-Through-Processing for systems that require market data. It allows clients to use industry standard platforms to integrate market data for more efficient and productive processes,” said Bruce Weis, VP Data Acquisition and Development.

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