Gostai Launches Its Jazz Line of Service Robots

Gostai, Europe’s leader in service robotics & Artificial Intelligence solutions, reveals its Gostai Jazz® line of autonomous service robots.

Paris, France, December 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Gostai Jazz robots have been made for telepresence. 1-meter tall Jazz robots are mobile, fitted with a camera and connected to the Internet via wifi. The user connects to the robot from afar via any web browser. He can then control a robot in Paris from New York and see through the robot’s camera, which recorded image appears in the browser in real time. That way, the user can take part in a meeting, visit a place, and see what is happening in their office or factory in a natural and interactive way. There is no need to go anywhere as the robot “teleports” the user, who can listen to and see the robot’s surroundings and talk through the embedded loudspeaker while controlling the robot’s moves via an intuitive interface.

Telepresence is a new way to communicate, which makes informal talks easier. In addition to the sound and image provided in usual systems, telepresence also enables the user to move. Thanks to telepresence, it is now possible to keep in touch with a company while away or teleworking. It also helps reduce carbon footprint and travel costs, as well as being a device to welcome guests or looking after a place from afar.

Jazz can also patrol autonomously at night thanks to an infrared camera and a map of its surroundings as well as a laser system, with which the robot can localize things. It detects suspicious moves and is an addition to a night watchman or traditional alarm system. In case of any alert or doubt, the teleoperator can control the robot to check on the situation in real time.

According to Gostai founder and CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie, "Robotics telepresence will completely change long-distance communication. Gostai decided to make the Jazz range of robots user-friendly and elegant without compromising on quality, proving that robotics can be a pleasure and efficient."

About Gostai
Gostai is a robot manufacturer and an editor of innovative software for robotics & Artificial Intelligence. The Jazz robots line is Gostai’s flagship, with business applications in telepresence and telesurveillance. Jazz integrates Gostai’s innovative softwares. Gostai also develops the Urbi open source operating system for robotics, as well as Gostai Suite, a suite of graphical programming tools for robotics and complex system, and the GostaiNet cloud computing architecture for robotics.

Segolene Roche