Historic Photo Event Comes to Sacramento

The ‘I AM EQUAL’ photo project shines light on human rights in state capitol.

Salt Lake City, UT, December 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The ambitious I AM EQUAL photo project will officially launch its 29 city, 2011 U.S. tour at The Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento on 6-January-2011 and open the doors to people of all walks of life who are stepping up for human rights & equality in our community and around the world.

“We’re excited to open this project in, what TIME Magazine has called, the most diverse city in the country,” explained project creator, Jason Beckett. “Mayor Johnson’s office has been instrumental in connecting us with all the different community leaders to ensure a successful event that truly represents the diversity of this city and we couldn’t be happier with the response.”

The I AM EQUAL photo project is open to the public from 11:00am through 9:00pm and more than 600 people are expected to participate in support of various causes related to human rights & equality. “We see people coming in support of children’s rights, or to end domestic violence,” explains project photographer, Matt Spencer. “There are some who are standing up for gay and lesbian issues, and others who are survivors of abuse or disease. Each person has a story and this project is here to empower people to stand up and tell their story.”

Connecting with the personal stories and causes of each community is the cornerstone of this project and a major reason why its viral expansion is so effective. Participants are encouraged to share their I AM EQUAL photo with friends, family, and co-workers through social media, email, blogging, and other methods in order to start a conversation about the issues and causes that mean the most to the individual.

“The photos are most effective as a conversation starter,” said Mr. Beckett. “In the moment these people share this photo, they invite a conversation with those around them and that’s when the magic happens. These participants find that they are talking about issues with people they never would have guessed would be interested. The power of the project is in the person’s willingness to open up and talk when someone asks about the photo or project.”

Participants are asked to wear a brightly colored shirt and come to the event ready for their photo with hair and makeup complete. A $20.00 donation is suggested to support the efforts of the I AM EQUAL FOUNDATION and the photo tour, but the event is free to participate. Event organizers have said that anyone who is registered for a photo before 9:00pm will get a photo, and recommends that those who wish to participate in the project come early in the day to avoid the last-minute rush at the end of the event. As this is a project to showcase individuals stepping up for human right and equality, there are no group pictures at this event.


The I AM EQUAL PROJECT was created by Jason Beckett and fashion photographer Matt Spencer in January 2010 in an effort to empower individuals to speak out about the causes that inspire them. The project goal is to capture more than 100,000 photos of people from all walks of life with the “I AM EQUAL” logo emblazoned on the palm of their hand as a symbol of their commitment stand up for their rights, and the rights of others around the world.

Learn more at: http://www.iamequalproject.org
See the photo collection at: http://photos.iamequalproject.org
Find event details at: http://www.iamequalproject.org/events

Malissa Barlow