TRG Launches Low-Cost Web-Based HTS Classification Tool for U.S. Importers

TRG Classify™ is an online classification tool that allows you, the importer of record, to classify your good and attain the 6 and 10 digit tariff codes in a few quick and easy steps. To do this, TRG Classify consolidates your general product description by applying the tariff schedule’s “General Rules of Interpretation” to intuitively provide the user with the exact tariff number needed to calculate correct duties.

Bozeman, MT, December 23, 2010 --( Law requires US importers to declare all products they import by means of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code. The process of identifying the HTS code assigned to a good is referred to as HTS classification. U.S. importers face many key challenges regarding the classification of their imported commodities. TRG Classify™ offers U.S. importers a web based in house solution that is both accurate, affordable, and time efficient.

TRG Classify presents a resolution to the following classification problems importers deal with on a day-to-day basis:
- Overpayment of Customs duty due to inaccurate classification
- The importer of record’s legal liabilities associated with any misclassification of products even if the HTS Classification is done by a third party
- Inability to identify business opportunities with countries offering preferential tariff arrangements
- Shipments delayed at Customs because of improper or untimely product information
- A need to meet government requirements to participate actively and use diligence in preparing Customs declarations

Designed specifically for the end user, TRG Classify™ takes any product description no matter how it is expressed and delivers the corresponding HTS code and duty rate. TRG is offering this service for a $2 per classification fee and no start up cost. It is available as a stand alone application or as an addition to the company’s Customs entry and ISF self-filing tool, TRG Direct™.

About Trade Risk Guaranty (TRG)
Trade Risk Guaranty (TRG) is an import solutions provider. The company provides innovative products and services to companies involved in international trade. Since 1991, TRG has been the leader in providing U.S. Customs bonds direct to importers. The company has also developed a direct filing system, TRG Direct™, for importers to bring entry and Importer Security Filing clearance in-house. TRG also operates a cargo insurance division, TRG Marine™. TRG Marine™ constructs specialty all-risk insurance policies designed specifically for companies operating in a global environment.

Jena Leary
Marketing Director

Trade Risk Guaranty
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