New Ultimate Dealer Button™ Poker Accessory that Will Revolutionize the Way Poker is Played Forever

New pre-programmable version is now available.

Dallas, TX, February 01, 2007 --( Get rid of those kitchen timers, stop watches, computers, and scraps of paper because the new pre-programmable Ultimate Dealer Button™ is here. The new Ultimate Dealer Button™ is more than a simple poker timer, it has the ability to be pre-programmed for whatever round times, small/big blinds and ante amounts of the tournament.

It happens all the time; even the professional poker player often scrambles to find a way to keep track of the round time and what the small/big blinds and antes are.

The Ultimate Dealer Button™ functions as a traditional dealer button (the plastic white button that rotates around the table clockwise from player to player representing which person is the “poker dealer”), but it also includes the ability to completely manage your poker game. This new pre-programmable device will accurately keep track and display the current round and time, as well as the current amount of the small/big blind, and ante bets.

It takes just seconds to completely set. Then press “start” and your game can begin. When the loud alarm goes off after the elapsed time, all you have to do is press any button, and all the pre-programmaned settings will advance to the next round.

“We play poker tournaments like on TV, and we needed a way to help manage the game. Our initial Ultimate Dealer Button™ helped us, but we wanted more, as did the consumer. Therefore, we are proud to introduce the new pre-programmable Ultimate Dealer Button™,” said Grant Cooper, Co-Ultimate Dealer Button™ inventor.

Ultimate Dealer Button™ is part of a privately-held, Dallas, Texas-based company. For more information or to order online, please visit PO BOX 2289 Wylie, TX 75098-2289 1-877-332-5858 Fax 972-423-5450

Contact: Grant Cooper 877-332-5858

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