Classic Boxing Coach Launched a Boxing Program for Competitive Boxers in Orange County

Classic Boxing Coach now trains boxers in Orange County, California. This new boxing program allows boxers, whether amateur boxers, white collar boxers or professional boxers, to get into fighting shape and to find competition.

Orange County, CA, December 29, 2010 --( While there are many fitness facilities to choose from these days, boxing gyms can be hard to find. And while most gyms offer some sort of mixed martial arts instruction or kick boxing, finding a boxing trainer who focuses on the ‘sweet science of stand up’ can also be difficult. Classic Boxing Coach’s Orange County boxing program was created to solve that very problem.

The new program, released earlier this month, was designed for people who want to obtain real boxing training and to workout like a professional boxer would, i.e. without the kicks, chokes and wrestling included in other combative disciplines. The program incorporates offensive and defensive boxing technique, counter punching and partner drills as well as controlled, supervised and open sparring.

“The main focus of our OC boxing program is to prepare people for competition,” said Classic Boxing Coach owner and certified boxing coach Chuck Eisenberg. “However, people interested in learning the fundamentals of boxing while getting fit can benefit too. Program participants can expect to see improved confidence, reflexes, awareness and anticipation and to increase speed, endurance and strength.”

Classic Boxing Coach is also dedicated to the promotion of boxing outside of the ring. “Boxing is often misunderstood or overlooked. Some people can’t get past the seemingly brutal aspects of boxing, and others would simply never include boxing when considering youth or amateur sports for their child or when looking for a hobby or fitness activity for themselves,” said Mr. Eisenberg. “But these views fail to consider the personal growth of the participants, the positive impacts on the community and boxing’s cultural value.” Thus, to develop the community of boxers, boxing trainers and boxing gyms, Classic Boxing Coach actively networks and acts as a liaison between area athletes and gyms. As Mr. Eisenberg put it, “If I can’t train you, I can help you find someone reputable who can.”

About Classic Boxing Coach

Classic Boxing Coach is a USA Boxing Certified boxing trainer and coach. He offers individualized boxing workouts and boxing training programs for first-time boxers, amateur boxers, white collar boxing enthusiasts and those looking to use boxing as a means to get in shape and improve fitness levels.

For more information on Classic Boxing Coach’s new boxing program, boxing fitness or boxing classes in Orange County, visit or contact Chuck Eisenberg by phone at (949) 354-BOXR (2697) or by email.

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