New Yoga Bootcamp at Yoga Yoga Designed to Support New Year's Resolutions to Reduce Stress, Get Fit

Yoga Bootcamp early morning sessions at Yoga Yoga designed to support new year’s resolutions to get in shape, reduce stress

Austin, TX, January 07, 2011 --( New Yoga Bootcamp classes will be offered at Yoga Yoga in Austin, Texas, beginning January 17, 2011. The two-week, eight class series starts at 6:30 a.m. and meets four times weekly on Mondays through Thursdays. The $99 series are offered at Yoga Yoga North, 2167 Anderson Lane, and Yoga Yoga South, 1700 S. Lamar. A schedule and registration is available at

“The early morning classes give 9-to-5ers an easy way to get their yoga in before work,” explains Yoga Yoga CEO Rich Goldstein. “One of the major barriers people hit when trying to improve their health with exercise is a busy schedule. By putting yoga at the beginning of the day, there are fewer obstacles to overcome and a greater chance of keeping new year’s resolutions. The key is to make your health a priority and then plan your day with that goal in mind.”

Yoga Yoga’s bootcamp classes focus on building upper and lower body strength with emphasis on the core and increasing flexibility through a cardio-intensive practice that detoxifies and purifies. The classes, which are appropriate for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike, are easier on the body than traditional bootcamp classes and are ideal for people who want to lose weight, reduce stress, improve back health or simply increase overall well-being. Each class lasts an hour and 15 minutes.

According to the 2008 Yoga in America study, 6.9 percent or 15.8 million U.S. adults practice yoga. The 2008 study also indicated that almost half of current practitioners started practicing yoga to improve their overall health. One significant trend to emerge from the study is the use of yoga as medical therapy. According to the study, nearly 14 million Americans say that a doctor or therapist has recommended yoga to them. In addition, nearly half of all adults agree that yoga would be beneficial if they were undergoing treatment for a medical condition. Research studies have shown yoga to be beneficial for people with a wide variety of health conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, eating disorders, and chronic pain. General health benefits of yoga include stress relief, increased strength and flexibility, and improved concentration.

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