Topex Proposes miniGateway with Asterisk

Topex has successfully installed Asterisk version 1.4.0-beta 2 on his gateway (mG).

Bucharest, Romania, February 03, 2007 --( Topex miniGateway is built around the Mindspeed 82820 convergence processor featuring 60 VoIP channels, 2E1 trunks with ISDN-PRI signaling.

The bridging and conference was modified to use processor’s DSP facilities thus freeing the host processor from processing software codecs and media traffic.

This makes it suitable for applications like IP PBX, Call Center, IVR, Voice Mail or upgrades of non IP PBXs to VoIP.

The presence of the Asterisk software in the Topex gateway gives users the possibility to easily configure the gateway via a Graphical Interface (GUI), available on the World Wide Web, in order to customize it accordingly to their needs.

Asterisk includes all the features of a PBX and can operate with almost all telephony equipments.

Topex miniGateway with Asterisk is addressed to small and medium enterprises having a large number of international calls.

About Topex:
Topex is among the most innovative, fast growing European manufacturers of telecommunication equipment, providing a wide range of telecommunication applications. The company has over 16 years of experience in research, development and manufacture of both civil and military telecommunication devices.

Topex’s leveraged expertise includes: Next Generation Network solutions Softswitch, Media Gateways for TDM, VoIP, GSM and CDMA (2G,3G), Signaling Gateways (SS7, ISDN, R2, SIP, H323), Broadband Wi-Fi Mobile Routers, Fixed-Mobile Terminals (2G, 3G) and ATC Voice Communication Systems.

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