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Licensing Opportunity Available to Pharmaceutical Companies

Med Services Europe announced that it has obtained rights to out-license a portfolio of prescription pharmaceuticals. (

Zurich, Switzerland, September 08, 2005 --( Med Services Europe GmbH, a “Virtual European Headquarters” for Pharmaceutical and Medical Manufacturers, announced that it has obtained rights to out-license a portfolio of prescription pharmaceuticals. (

Dr. Gene Emmer, President of Med Services Europe explained: “We have signed an agreement with a European-based pharmaceutical company that grants us the right to develop a network of distributors for an exciting portfolio of prescription pharmaceutical products. Our client will launch the portfolio in their home market. Med Services Europe will build and manage a network of pharmaceutical companies which will be responsible for marketing, sales and distribution of these products in their home markets. The products in the portfolio offer physicians options for handling Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).”

Dr. Emmer explained further about the opportunity that this portfolio presents to pharmaceutical companies “The media has sensationalized the recent findings of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) and there has been a strong over-reaction to the study’s findings. This has caused many competitors to abandon this market. However, most physicians agree that HRT is the only effective therapy for climacteric symptoms of menopause, commonly known as hot-flashes, or hot-flush, which can be extremely disabling for a large population of women. The market for HRT products is very large and growing due to ageing of the population and it is hungry for new launches. This portfolio offers many interesting advantages for the market and for the pharmaceutical companies that will represent them”

Dr Emmer encourages pharmaceutical companies to learn more about the opportunity to in-license this portfolio of products. “This is a unique opportunity to obtain marketing rights to an exciting portfolio of products, which are effective for a large and growing market. The media attention to WHI has served to decrease the competitive noise in this market and make this an exciting time for companies coming with a new message.”

Pharmaceutical companies interested in obtaining more information may contact Dr Emmer at Med Services Europe in Switzerland.

About Med Services Europe:
Med Services Europe GmbH is located in Zurich Switzerland and specializes in Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Pharmaceutical and Medical manufacturers. Med Services acts as a virtual European Headquarters by developing and managing distribution networks for its clients. For more information: or +41764249963

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