Hammerax Ultraloud HellBell Cymbal Brand Expands

Hammerax has announced the expansion of its US made HellBell brand line to include cymbals weighted for more aggressive crashes and clear bell tones. The line will now include 16”, 18”, 21”, and 24” cymbals, as well as 16” and 18” hi-hats branded HellHat. The new patent pending multi-cups will dramatically increase volume and create aggressive bell and crash tones.

Clearwater, FL, January 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The 24” HellBell features a startling, 11” negative cup with an added, upward center cup, resulting in one of the loudest cymbals ever created. The two cups together create two distinct bell sounds. The 24” HellBell brand cymbal exceeds even the Hammerax 24” Whipcrash® Ultra in loudness. “Measured at a loudness of 126 Db, the 24” HellBell cymbal is literally a giant in sound- possibly the loudest cymbal on earth. Hearing protection should be used if these cymbals are crashed often,” said John Stannard, Hammerax President.

The 21” and 24” can serve as crashrides. Considering their size, the 21” and 24” would actually be considered thin, at 1996 grams and 2600 grams, respectively.

Hammerax has also announced the new 16” and 18” hi-hat, branded HellHat. This is an expansion of its USA made HellBell brand line. HellHat brand hi-hats are rather thin, by hi-hat standards, but very loud. The HellBell style negative cup and a positive center cup create an aggressive bell sound and allows for raking and one-handed rolls. By hitting the edge of the negative cup a very rich and loud bell sound rings out.

HellHat features switchable tops and bottoms and can also be separated into two individual cymbals. “Since hi-hats carry the cost of two cymbals, we thought it was a good idea to allow the option of reversing tops versus bottoms. The pairs are voiced far enough apart to create a beautiful mix,” said John Stannard, President of Hammerax. Another option is to use each cymbal as a separate crash. Where most hi-hat bottom are not musical, both halves of the HellHat are quite useful. The combination of the negative and positive cups yields a sound unlike any china or crash. The result is aggressive, yet designed for raw beauty.

Hellbell® is a registered trademark.

4 Year Warranty Made in the USA Available immediately.

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Sergio R. Samayoa