Nick Dancer Concrete Leaps Into Environmental Awareness

Fort Wayne, IN, January 09, 2011 --( Nick Dancer Concrete a decorative concrete organization, that offers stained concrete floors to Fort Wayne, Indiana and surrounding areas, has announced that they will no longer use any solvent based sealers that contain harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The move puts Nick Dancer Concrete as the first decorative concrete company in the area to use exclusively water-based products. Nick Dancer, owner states, “This move is a great way to showcase the beauty of concrete in a way that is safer for our employees and for the environment.”

Water-based products are typically a little more expensive and more difficult to apply, but this is minimal when considering the health and environmental benefits. Nick Dancer Concrete has been using water-based sealers for multiple applications for over 3 years.

Nick Dancer says, “My vision is to provide a practical flooring solution that brings beauty, character and function into your home or business. I feel that now is the time to change our vision for the future. We will now provide a practical flooring solution that not only brings beauty, character and function to your home or business, but also to the environment.”

Nick Dancer Concrete offers concrete sealers that need minimal maintenance and will not need attention for many years after their application.

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