Blue and Red Density Marker Beads Now Available from Cospheric LLC

Santa Barbara, CA, January 15, 2011 --( Cospheric LLC, a microsphere manufacturing and distributing company, recently launched a line of density marker beads in particle size ranges from 10 micron to 600 micron in diameter. Two microsphere product lines having densities of 1.065 g/cc and 1.075 g/cc are currently in stock and ready for shipment. The red and blue density marker beads offer high density tolerances of ±0.005 g/cc enabling excellent stratification, and bright coloration for high visibility with the unaided eye.

Density marker beads of accurately known mass density are generally used as an external marker to facilitate the monitoring of the density gradient shape and range. The density marker beads provide a rapid, simple, and accurate method for measuring the density. Generally a set of several such beads, covering a range of densities, is used. In the biomedical industry researchers are sometimes looking for cells having targeted specific gravities. In order to locate these cells in test tubes it is useful to have colored marker beads which will show where the delineation between specific densities occurs. Density marker beads are also used for calibrating particles in other industries, such as agriculture, microbiology and others.

R&D quantities of red density marker beads with density of 1.65g/cc and blue density marker beads with density of 1.65g/cc are in stock and ready for purchase in sizes from 10 micron to 600 micron. Large quantities over 1 kilogram can be made to order to existing specifications or with custom color and density requirements.

About Cospheric LLC:

Cospheric LLC develops, manufactures, and distributes high-quality microspheres in sizes from 10 micron to 1000 micron (1mm). Cospheric specializes in polyethylene microspheres and carries a large stock of polyethylene microspheres in many colors, fluorescent, phosphorescent, neutrally-buoyant, and paramagnetic properties. Cospheric also offers a selection of soda-lime and borosilicate glass, silica, metal-coated, and titanium dioxide-coated spheres, some available in spacer grades with very tight particle size distributions. Cospheric LLC welcomes inquiries for custom manufacturing of microspheres tuned to each customer’s unique specifications.

Cospheric is an eco-friendly company that uses only recyclable materials and no solvents in the manufacturing process. For more information, pricing and sample requests visit

About Microspheres:

Microspheres or beads are spherical particles usually between 1 to 1000 microns in diameter and are manufactured for wide variety of uses in research, medicine, consumer goods, paints and coatings, adhesives, personal care, household products, cosmetics, skin care, and other industries.

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