Online Books Offer More Insight to Poker Players

A new blog is continuing to find the best poker eBooks on the market at the moment.

New York, NY, February 06, 2007 --( It makes sense that when the best online poker players share their wisdom with the world, that they do it in the form of an online eBook. This is exactly what has happened recently with a flood of eBooks on the market out there, offering help with varous aspects of  your poker game.

While some of these are not as good as the famous ones published on paper, there are some hidden gems amongst these eBooks, written by experts at online poker. Some of these players have amassed winnings equally on a par with some of the land-based competitiors.

One of the eBook writers, Bryan Micon, finished in 63rd place at this year's World Series Of Poker and cashed over $200,000. He also has cashed more than that online and has written an eBook showing how to dominate the online poker table.

Out of the many eBooks written, only a few are worth buying, and a new website ( ) was set up recently to review the best ones. The owner of the site purchased as many different eBooks as he could, and has compiled the best ones for the site, showing why they are worth getting.

Luckily for him, he was able to send back the poorer ones, as most of the eBooks come with a money-back guarantee.

Since he launched the site last month, the owner has had emails from other players who have bought the recommended books and seen their game improve dramatically, and who have easily made the money back that they spent on the book at first.

The site has also got a new sister site, which compiles the best videos that have been uploaded to You Tube featuring poker.

For more information on the new site, and on the new eBook additions, including The Micon System 2, which was only released this week, head to

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