Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control Reports on the Damage Caused by the Severe Weather Conditions

Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control says major damage caused by drought and record cold in Central Florida will lead to much re-sodding

Orlando, FL, January 19, 2011 --( Robert Welch the president of Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control reports that the 3rd consecutive severe winter is making it tough on Central Florida lawns.

In the month of December we had 13 days with temperatures below the freezing level, and from all of 2001 to 2009 we only had 14 days below freezing. Mr. Welch went on to state that St. Augustine which is the most popular of all turf grasses in central Florida is a tropical species that is durable but unfortunately can not stand up to the drought of the summers or the extreme cold winters we have experienced in the last 3 years.

Between the summers with temperatures pushing over 100 Degrees for extended periods of time and no rain the entire month of October and then December’s sub freezing temperatures, homeowners and business owners must prepare themselves for the expense of re-sodding portions of their property affected by these environmental conditions.

Pro-Staff’s technicians are advising customers that treatment alone will not be enough to fill in large areas of St. Augustine killed by the cold weather or drought conditions. Sod replacement will be necessary in the larger areas and irrigation maintenance and calibration will be critical during the hotter months to come.

Pro-Staff stands ready to provide services to limit damage and encourage recovery from the weather. For more information or a free estimate they can be contacted at

Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control
Stacey Boeshko