Medically-Reviewed Lettercase Booklets About Down Syndrome Available on January 31 as a Resource for Physicians Delivering Prenatal Diagnoses

Canton, GA, January 19, 2011 --( Lettercase is pleased to announce that online orders for their booklets, Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis and Delivering a Down Syndrome Diagnosis, will be available on January 31. As prenatal testing technology continues to advance, these booklets will be urgently important to expectant parents who want reliable answers to their questions about Down syndrome.

Last week, a large-scale study of a new blood test for Down syndrome was published in the British Medicine Journal (BMJ) by researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The study indicated that the most advanced version of the new blood test identified Down syndrome in 100 percent of the cases, with only a 2.1 percent false positive rate.

The results of the new blood tests mean that a greater number of women will have access to safer and more accurate prenatal tests for Down syndrome in the near future. It is critical that expectant parents receiving those prenatal test results have access to reliable information about the condition.

"When expectant parents across the country receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, they consistently deserve to receive accurate and up-to-date information about the condition," says Dr. Brian Skotko, physician in the Down Syndrome Program at Children's Hospital Boston. "Finally, we have that information through the booklets created by Lettercase. I hope that all expectant parents with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome receive this information."

The booklets are historic because they have been created with input and consensus from both the medical and Down syndrome communities, including the American College of Medical Genetics, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the National Society of Genetic Counselors, the National Down Syndrome Congress, and the National Down Syndrome Society.

According to Janice Edwards, Clinical Professor and Director of USC’s Genetic Counseling Program, "This was a significant collaborative process with representatives of five national organizations contributing expert input to finish the booklet with accurate, balanced information and resources for parents with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Consensus Group was initiated in 2008 by the University of South Carolina’s Genetic Counseling Program and Center for Disability Resources to promote shared understanding of health professional and advocacy community perspectives on Down syndrome among the five national organizations."

The booklets cover common medical conditions for people with Down syndrome, available health and education services, helpful resources, information about pregnancy options, and authentic photos of people with Down syndrome. The booklets also include a Spanish translation and have been optimized for different reading levels.

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