Launches Two New Retro Ice Bags to Ice Packs Line introduces 2 new fashionable Retro Ice Bags styles to their current line of fun ice packs.

Los Angeles, CA, January 21, 2011 --( Gal Pal is starting off their 2011 with a bang and have announced two of their newest patterns of ice bags to be added to their already expansive line. The two new styles of patterns are the "Red Cross Retro Ice Bag" which is available now and the Monkeys Retro Ice Bag which will be available the first week of February 2011. Gal Pal Inc., is the only company that has such an array of styles to choose from and people find that there is a pattern for everyone.

Gal Pal is the industry leader in the fashion forward line of the Retro Ice Bags and Gal Pal Retro Ice Bag customers should not be fooled by impostor's or copy cats. "The Gal Pal is loved by mom's, kids, dad's, hip fashionista's and now we can add animals to our list! Yes, we have learned that veterinarian hospitals are using our ice bags on pets who have head trauma! How about that starlets - now your pooch too can use an ice bag if your dog has a boo boo on its head! We just thought that was one of the sweetest things we have heard." said co-founder Shannon Larkin. "A veterinarian called in asking to buy some for the head trauma patients that they get, and it literally just warmed my heart. Not only do they mend tiny boo boo's to great big boo boo's on people, but now they are mending heads of pets!" commented co-founder Courtney Graham. "just gave us a warm fuzzy feeling inside." She continued, "There are so many styles to choose from, you won't be able to pick just one," summed up Larkin.

The Gal Pal Ice Packs are rubberized medical grade ice bags and are made air tight thanks to the screw on cap. The Gal Pal ice bags and the Gal Pal products have all been featured on major television shows and in magazine's including Rachel Ray, The Today Show, Parenting Magazine, InStyle, People Style Watch and many others which can easily be seen at the website. Their fashion emergency products as well as their other popular items can be found online as well as many well known department and other stores across the world.

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Courtney Graham