Despite Tough Times Salespeople Remain Optimistic

San Diego, CA, January 21, 2011 --( A poll conducted by shows a sky-high ninety-three percent of salespeople expect an increase in their sales in 2011.

Their optimism is apparently fueled by an increase in lead generation efforts. According to the poll, seventy-one percent of respondents say their companies have increased lead generation activities.

"In the past, many companies went into a bunker mentality during an economic downturn and made the mistake of slashing marketing budgets," says Michael Dalton Johnson, publisher and founder of SalesDog. "Our poll indicates this no longer the case," he added.

Despite the rosy outlook for 2011, seventy-three percent of survey takers said their overall compensation has been negatively affected by the down economy. This may account for the fact that thirty-six percent of respondents are considering an occupation change.

According to those polled, sixty-nine percent want their companies to provide more sales training. That comes as no surprise given that sixty-seven percent are dissatisfied with their current compensation.

The poll also revealed that despite the plethora of internet selling options, sixty-nine percent of salespeople make the majority of their sales in person rather than over the phone or online, suggesting that in a business world increasingly ruled by technology, salespeople still are still using old school selling methods. For complete survey results visit:

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