Sales People Can Learn a Lesson from Dogs

"Dogs have mastered the art of selling," says Michael Johnson, founder of Like any good salesperson, dogs are great communicators says Johnson. “There’s little chance of mistaking what a dog wants. Whether happy, angry, wary, hungry or on the alert, they let you... - February 24, 2011

Despite Tough Times Salespeople Remain Optimistic

A poll conducted by shows a sky-high ninety-three percent of salespeople expect an increase in their sales in 2011. Their optimism is apparently fueled by an increase in lead generation efforts. According to the poll, seventy-one percent of respondents say their companies have... - January 21, 2011

Watch Infomercials and Learn How to Sell?

Television infomercials don’t just rake in billions of dollars, they can also teach business people how to sell. Underneath all the hype, TV pitchman follow a tried and true selling formula that anyone who sells for a living would do well to follow. - December 07, 2009

Selling to the Opposite Sex

Can gender impact buying decisions? Writing for, sales expert Will Turner says yes. He offers plain-spoken advice for selling to the opposite sex. - July 03, 2009

The New Reality of Telephone Selling

Telemarketing isn't what it once was according to telesales guru Wendy Weiss. No longer a game of smiling and dialing, the changing times require new strategies and a different mind-set. - June 25, 2009

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Start Selling

Despite the struggling economy, America’s sales professionals are surprisingly optimistic about 2009’s business prospects. According to a newly released survey conducted by, a surprising 57 percent of the sales professionals do not expect their sales to go down in... - January 21, 2009 Survey: Most Sales Professionals Happy with Management, Despite Stress and a Lack of Leads and Training

A recent survey conducted by, an online educational resource for sales professionals, reveals the people who sell products and services for a living have conflicting feelings about their chosen career. The survey, which asked questions on various job satisfaction issues, was sent to... - March 14, 2008

Five Business Gift-Giving Mistakes to Avoid This Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift for family or friends is not easy. “Choosing the right business gift actually requires more time and thoughtfulness,” says Tina LoSasso, Managing Editor of in the new business book, Top Dog Sales Secrets. LoSasso identifies five common business gift giving mistakes. - November 15, 2007

Five Reasons Salespeople Fail

When salespeople are called upon to close more sales, managers often hear a litany of excuses. Yet top producers manage to sell under the same conditions. “Poor sales performers are usually not aware that little things make a big difference in closing the sale,” says Michael Dalton Johnson, Editor of the bestselling new book, Top Dog Sales Secrets. Johnson cites five common reasons for poor sales performance. - September 29, 2007

Peaceful Solution to "Battle of the Sexes" Sales Calls

Top Dog Sales Secrets offers "Selling to The Opposite Sex" and 79 other tips from 50 top sales pros. - August 30, 2007

New Book Revives "The Lost Art of the Handshake"

In today’s world of virtual offices, online meetings, email marketing and Internet selling, business people may be losing their ability to reach out and touch someone – literally. In a new book, Top Dog Sales Secrets, Michael Dalton Johnson shows readers how to master the fine art of the handshake. - August 22, 2007

New Book Advises Salespeople to Get Naked and Dump Cliches to Boost Earnings

Is walking into a sales meeting "naked" the dress-for-success fashion statement of the future? A new book, Top Dog Sales Secrets, advises salespeople to get naked on sales calls and dump the cliches to boost earnings. - August 09, 2007

Top Dog Sales Secrets from Features Advice from 50 Big-League Sales Experts

Top Dog Sales Secrets is a new book that teaches anyone who sells vital new skills. Edited by Founder Michael Dalton Johnson, Top Dog Sales Secrets serves up the selling secrets of 50 renowned sales wizards in doggie-treat-sized bites designed to supercharge sales performance. - August 02, 2007

Naked Sales Calls Pay Off - New Sales Approach at

In article on, the online sales training site, Jill Konrath tells of two salespeople’s sky-rocketing sales because “… they started going into sales calls totally, stark-raving naked.” - July 26, 2006

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