DataWorks’ NeXT Inventory Software Enhances Microsoft® RMS Point-of-Sale for Dealers

The latest release of DataWorks’ NeXT inventory software provides enhanced capabilities that allow NeXT to serve as the purchasing, inventory operations and customer management headquarters for RMS users.

Bonita Springs, FL, January 23, 2011 --( DataWorks, Inc., a Florida-based software development company, has announced its premier inventory software, NeXT®, now enhances the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). This recent software development enables NeXT to serve as the purchasing, inventory operations and customer management headquarters (HQ) for RMS users. Interfacing with NeXT expands RMS’s capabilities, and dealers of the product will be able to maximize the number of users more easily for their clients.

“DataWorks has been serving and focusing within the hospitality, leisure and resort markets for the past 15 years. However, DataWorks began as a retail management system for small to mid-size retailers in the mid ‘80s. The connection to and vast knowledge of this market has allowed DataWorks to create the interface to Microsoft’s RMS more easily. RMS is a great product; however, it seems to max out at about 20 stores. Our product will allow dealers to go further and expand the product even more for their clients because our latest release of NeXT. This release resolves the issues of the number of countries, currencies, and so on, that are used by each RMS client. We believe our new release will allow dealers to work more effectively and offer a better RMS product overall,” said Mark Cecil, President and CEO of DataWorks.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point-of-sale (POS) solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements. This software package automates POS processes and store operations, provides centralized control for multi-store retailers, and integrates with Microsoft Office system programs, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and other popular applications. Microsoft Dynamics RMS is built on a proven Microsoft platform that adapts to meet unique and changing retail needs. With DataWorks’ NeXT, the product is endless.

“Clients will now be able to take advantage of two great products within their operation -- DataWorks’ Next and Microsoft Dynamics RMS. The Microsoft RMS product along with Next allows clients a multitude of options when setting tracking and reporting preferences. It was a huge advantage that we had a 25-year head-start in the back office inventory management business,” says Cecil. “We saw a need and upgraded our software to interface seamlessly to the Microsoft RMS system. We believe we have created a win-win for all parties and especially for RMS dealers around the world.”

About DataWorks: DataWorks has excelled in helping customers streamline their inventory operations since 1986. DataWorks’ inventory software, NeXT, offers purchasing, inventory, sales and bar-coding for retail and F&B management. Amusement parks, casinos, hospitals, museums, resorts, stadiums, andzoos are among the types of properties that currently use DataWorks' flagship inventory software NeXT. The feature-rich inventory software has multi-company, language, and currency capabilities. NeXT can run on a local property or span the needs of an entire enterprise.

DataWorks is a leader in providing inventory management solutions for the hospitality and entertainment industries. NeXT is sought out by clients for:
• Retail Back Office
• Hospitality Back Office
• Retail Inventory Control
• F&B Inventory Control
• MICROS Retail Interface
• Retail Purchasing
• Hospitality Purchasing
• Open-T o-Buy
• Suggested Orders

DataWorks partners with all of the leading point-of-sale providers including: Microsoft Dynamics RMS, InfoGenesis, MICROS®, HSI, ResortSuite, SpaSoft, PAR Springer-Miller, Siriusware, Gateway Ticketing, and Volante.

For more information about DataWorks and NeXT, visit or call 239-444-1053.

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Guy Ardizoni